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From the days it was called Mardi Gras, the annual festival conducted by IIT Madras on its vast and serene campus is forgotten by none who attend it, whether they participate or come to witness the spectacle. Saarang is conducted during the final week of January, and made possible every year by the determined efforts of nearly a thousand students. Drawing more than 20,000 people across all ages, Saarang sets the standard as far as cultural festivals go. With an expected footfall of 50,000, this five-day festival is the traditional meeting place for the young and those young at heart. Saarang is characterized with the days jam-packed with events and competitions, and then the nights where, under the title of Professional Shows, the best professional artistes from India and abroad enthrall the packed Open Air Theater at IIT-M.

IIT Madras and Saarang have brought down some of the biggest metal acts over the years, including Opeth, Hammerfall, Pain of Salvation, Vildjarta and this year, Anathema! Headbangers India has associated with IIT Madras’ Saarang for the last three years consecutively to bring you all the excitement that’s characteristic of this festival, to wherever you are in the world! (We still think that you should just get your tickets and be a part of the festivities and the music, because there’s nothing like experiencing it in the flesh!)

For details on the festival, visit the official website: www.saarang.org

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Anathema are a 6-piece English band from Liverpool. Formed in 1990, the band started out as one of the pioneering groups in the Death/Doom metal genres. Over the years, they have pushed their musical boundaries in every imaginable direction, with the band’s recent work closer to Progressive/Alternative Rock. Their newer work features regularly on mainstream media such as MTV and VH1, and has attracted a large faithful following around the world.

Having been around for more than 20 years, the band has 9 studio albums, 3 EPs, and 2 Demos to its name. Their latest compilation, titled Weather Systems, was released earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim. The album debuted in the UK album charts’ top 50, and in its German counterpart in the top 20. The band’s more recent work is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Beatles, and stands out for its beautifully written lyrics.

The band has played in many high profile shows/festivals around the world, and has recently concluded a highly successful tour with Swedish metal giants Opeth. This January, they will headline at Saarang 2013, where we can expect a good mix of their older classics as well as some of their newer work which has been billed as some of the best experimental music to come out of England. It will be a show not to be missed.





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Powerchords is Saarang’s very popular battle of the college bands, where the spirit is high, energy is infinite and also why competition is tough!

Here are the list of bands that have been short-listed for this year’s Powerchords:





Analyzed Consequences

Two Decades and After


System 04

Dead Incarnation





Instinct Roots



The Halcyon Days




Power Failure


The 10 bands that have been put on the waitlist are:


Backyard Jammers

Realm of Shadows

Before The Holocaust

Monks In The Attic

In-Formal Saints

A Bunch of Homeless People



Cataleptic Insanity


If you’re in college, have a band, and sure you can melt some faces – then this is the place where you should be. Powerchords is one of the biggest college band competitions in the country with some unmatched prizes!

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Decibels is Saarang’s annual rock competition for semi-professional bands. This year, Decibelshas been launched in collaboration with NH7.in. Bands could send their entry to the competition from November 24 to December 5, and a list of 20 bands would be shortlisted from the initial entries and put to public vote. The response received was enormous and after processing the entries, they have released a list of 31 bands that are going to contend for 15 spots. These 15 acts will compete at Decibels 2013.


Acid Quartet

Armour Of God


Bees And The Busker


Chaotic Years


Clown With A Frown

Cosmic Infusion

Drawing Short Straws


Exile Sanity

The F16′s

The Fringe Pop



Jeepers Creepers

Modern Mafia


Perpetual Void

Red Seems Right

The Riot Peddlers

Soul Society

The News

The Scratch Cards

The Uncertainty Principle

The Urban Early Men


Wakk Thuu

What Plough?


Watch this space for updates!

Keep in touch with all the excitement that’s on at Saarang 2013 by visiting Headbangers India! We’ve got interviews, photographs and event updates coming up right here.

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This is a sneak preview of what Saarang has got in store for you all this year!

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For any enquiries, contact us on [email protected]

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To pick up tickets, visit this page.

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Photography by Mahesh Rathnam (The Light Weaver)

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Headbangers India is proud to be associated with IIT Madras and Saarang as the Official Metal Partner for the 4th consecutive year! 3 (+1) cheers, and counting!