KRYPTOS release brand new music video and reveal new album details

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Literally, a metal fist in the air as the album cover. That’s how little of a doubt Bangalore‘s KRYPTOS want to leave regarding what their 4th full-length album Burn up the Night is going to be all about. This announcement was made today by their German label AFM Records who have finalized the release date to be September 23rd. The artwork is very[…]

Alas! Behemoth is upon India…

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After a forgettable debacle involving the cancellation of the Indian Music Conference (2nd time in a row), Polish black mass meisters Behemoth have decided to give a second shot at playing on Indian shores. Come September 24th, you will get to see them play at the 4th Edition of the Deccan Rock festival. They will be headliners at the festival, which will feature rising stars of[…]

Review: Rockavaria 2016

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One of the greatest advantages of living in Germany is that there is always a good concert or festival close to you. Rockavaria in Munich is (reasonably) close to where I live, and after the success from last year, it was only obvious that I would return this year. The billing included Nightwish, Dust Bolt, Slayer, Anthrax, Sodom and more[…]