Opeth Tickets Out

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Just about a week before the actual concert, Opeth tickets are going on sale. Priced at Rs.500 and Rs.1000, they will be available online here. Joining the Swedish troupe on stage will be Demonic Resurrection from Mumbai and Motherjane from Banglalore/Kerala (this will be before the concert, of course).

New outfit Eccentric Pendulum to release debut EP

No Comments Latest News Vilasini Muralidhar

Eccentric Pendulum, the newest kids in the headbangers’ block came together in late 2008. These kids (well…not really)…(actually, they aren’t ‘new’ either) got together in a sort of experimental madness to conjure up some avant-garde progressive metal. Drummer Vibhas who also plays drums for Spitfire, Ashish who plays guitars for Inner Sanctum, Nikhil extracted from his previous band Assylum and[…]