IIT Bombay: The day the ‘Livewire’ shorted

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For any rock/metal fan in India, this time period (between November and March) is well known to be the college festival season. Among the most popular of them is Livewire, the rock competition/festival of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai (part of their cultural festival Mood Indigo). However, this year, tunes were marred by mismanagement at a gigantic level. We spoke[…]

EXCLUSIVE: Indian premiere of Polish black/thrash meisters WARFIST

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Headbangers India is proud to present the exclusive Indian premiere of Polish black/thrash meisters Warfist, under Godz Ov War Productions. Their sophomore album “Metal to the Bone!” is due for release on Friday, 4th November and we’re proud to present the band to our listeners in India. Since the debut EP HellTyrant Rising in 2008, the band has been crushing[…]