Zygnema (January 2010)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: January 7, 2010

They’re not really the new kids on the block, but they’ve suddenly gotten everyone’s attention and are the talk of the town, in our side of the world. In this exclusive interview, Headbangers India chats up with Sidarth Kadadi from Zygnema, the featured band for January 2010, to learn more about what the band is all about, their albums coming up and more.

HB: A standard question, but still. Tell us more about the band, when it was formed, and the music the band plays.
Zygnema: Zygnema has been active since December 2006 with the current lineup that we have right now. Zygnema was on a break from September 2007 to 2008 as I (Sidarth) had to leave for the States to pursue further studies. We are four piece heavy/thrash/power groove metal band with Jimmy on vocals, Sidharth on Guitars, Ravi on Bass and Mayank on Drums.
HB: Zygnema is a pretty cool name. What exactly does it mean?
Zygnema: Zygnema is a free floating, fresh water algae which has several sub divisions in life forms etc. We associate that word with us because our songs come under different categories of metal or sub-divisions of metal . Our own songs sound different from each other but we still have a distinct sound of our own.
HB: What are the band’s musical influences?
Zygnema: Pantera, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Machine head, Decapitated, Testament, Lamb of God, Old metallica, Anthrax, Black Sabbath etc.
HB: Give us an insight into what each of the band members does, apart from being the musicians in Zygnema.
Zygnema: Jimmy is pursuing his career in MBA, I work with a company named BAJAAO.com and also am a full time guitar teacher. Ravi has been working for quite some time and now he is applying for another diploma degree in animation or some shit like that. Mayank is in his Third year of Mass Media.
HB: We’ve noticed that Zygnema’s songs are usually associated with social messages and events like racism, national disasters and terrorists. Please elaborate about the themes in your music.
Zygnema: Yes it is and playing music with a cause makes us feel good. Our plan is to make the youth aware about what the government has been doing and are capable of doing. Say for example, “Discriminate”: This song is based on racism. I’m sure your aware about the bullshit that happened in Mumbai. The poor fast food vendors, vegetable vendors and auto rickshaw drivers were beaten up just because they ain’t Maharashtrians. Fuck that. Also “59” is a song based on the incident that happened in Mumbai on November 26th 2008. How the politicians were hiding in their shell when terrorist attacked the innocent civilians. No one wanted to step up and the take the responsibility of clearing this mess. All they could do is blame political parties and try to pull of some scandals. National Disaster is also about quite a few incidents that happened in India.
HB: We heard that the band’s guitarist Sidharth spent a year at GIT, learning the finer nuances of music and guitaring. Let us in on some more details and share some of the experiences with us.
Zygnema: Yes I did spend one year learning music at Musicians Institute (GIT). The experience of being a serious musician out here in India and out there in a music school is totally different.  Musicians Institute is like a proper school for learning finer aspects of music and the best part is you get to play and jam along with musicians who are way more superior that you. That’s like the best experience out there. You play music to get your grades. You learn music to pass and you play a little bit more with friends when you’re bored and when you’re taking a break.
HB: How important do you think equipment is to an artist? In India, most of our shows have really bad
sound and highly inadequate sound equipment. Do you think that affects the bands in any way?
Zygnema: Gear is the most important thing for a musician. As long as the musician knows what kind of sound he/she is looking for and what suites the band well, it’s all good. Well bad sound does hamper the bands performance, hampers the response of the crowd, cause they need to understand our music  properly to connect with us and also turns out to be de motivating for the band.
HB: To take off from there, tell us what equipment the band uses…
Zygnema: To start with Mayank, he uses Sabian cymbals, Pro Mark drum sticks, Mapex drum kit and Iron cobras double bass pedal. Ravi uses an Ibanez Sound gear Bass guitar with Boss GEB-7 Equaliser pedal. I use Dean dime shadow , Jim Dunlop DD-11 MXR distortion pedal, GCB-95 Wah pedal, Boss DD-3, tortex guitar picks for live acts and I use Ibanez RG2EX1 guitar for recording and practicing.
HB: Of late, the trend for most independent artists is giving their albums out for free online. Do you think the music scene in our country is too nascent for this? Do you think it prevents growth in any way?
Zygnema: It depends from person to person.  Some bands prefer giving it for free some bands like selling and distributing. Well I wouldn’t say it prevents the growth, but most of the time, bands to recover or make money by selling CDs. Everyone in India is aware that the royalty scene sucks and it’s going to take a decade to get there. People prefer things for free. Very few music lovers want to buy a CD and have their own copy. The bands must come to a conclusion and work together where the Audio CDs are selling at the same price, a small difference is cool. That’s when the audience will take the initiative to save up and buy music.
HB: If you guys were to make an album, would you give it away for free?
Zygnema: We haven’t thought about it. But to be honest, we come from middle class families and have to put money from our own pocket for recording and getting CDs printed. That can be a bit heavy on us so I don’t think we can afford that.
HB: What are your plans for 2010? Any new music in the making?
Zygnema: Yes we have some new materials and new songs written. Our first debut album is going to be out by end of February 2010 so let’s see how that works for us. Maybe a few gigs around the country will help the promotion of our album.