Yonsample (December 2010)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: December 2, 2010

This December, Headbangers India’s Featured Band is Yonsample- from Kolkata. The band talks to us about their upcoming EP, their touring plans and more, only in this exclusive interview!

HB: Hey guys, how’re you doing? What’s keeping Yonsample busy of late?

Yonsample: Hello, we are doing good. We are releasing our debut EP this month and we are also playing Great Indian Rock Festival 2010. Other than that, we are participating in Wacken Metal Battle India Finals and Cherapunjee Indigenous Festival this month and have a few gigs lined up as well. So the schedule is pretty hectic but we love it.

HB: Introduce Yonsample to us! What does each of you do, apart from being in the band?

Yonsample: Tuhin, Ani and Pupai are college students, who are Drummer, Bass player and Keyboard player respectively while Jojo, the Guitar player is an engineering graduate. Arka, the vocalist is a commerce graduate and has his own business.

HB: You were formerly known as Moshpit. Why the name change? Has it come along with a change in sound as well?

Yonsample: The name change was on the cards since last year. We are glad it finally happened. Moshpit as a name was too much confinement and we as a band wanted to be involved with something which was not so direct and obvious. Though we had considerable success as “Moshpit” we always wanted to get out of that domain. The change has came in the band’s sound as well, but we think we still have a long way to go.

HB: Tell us how it all started for Yonsample… How you guys got together and started making music.

Yonsample: The Band was formed in 2008.We knew each other through common friends. The band quickly made a name as a result of winning most of the local band competitions that year. January 2010, our bassist left and Ani stepped in. After a few shows he became a full time member.

HB: The band went on a break for a short while in between. What happened there? It’s great that you’re back though!

Yonsample: We took a short break from performing live from April to September. We wanted to focus on our musical goals as a band and work toward that. We also recorded our debut EP within those months.

HB: You’re working on an EP now. Tell us more! What’s it called, where has it been recorded, when is it going to be out? The sampler sounds awesome.

Yonsample: Thanks a lot ! The EP has been recorded in Kolkata in a home studio and is currently being mastered in Chennai. The title of the EP is ‘Paraphernalia’ and we are hoping to release it in December. It’s going to be an independent release. The launch date and promotional gigs are going to be announced soon on our Myspace and Facebook page!

HB: With the whole sub-genre topic being of great interest these days, what classification would you say Yonsample’s music comes under? Any musical influences you’d like to mention?

Yonsample: As a Band our influences are mainly genres such as Metalcore, Math Metal, Groove Metal and Hardcore while personal influences are more diverse.

HB: The band has some major gigs coming up- G.I.R. and Wacken Metal Battle for instance. Even without any released recordings, the band has started to make a mark in the scene. What would you attribute that to?

Yonsample: We have always tried making the best out of every opportunity we got. And we will keep on doing that.

HB: I’ve noticed that Yonsample hasn’t done many gigs outside Kolkata. Any touring plans/ promotional gigs you’ll be doing after the release of the EP that will give fans elsewhere in the country a chance to see you guys?

Yonsample: That is partly true as we have had more than 15 outstation gigs but mostly being competitions. We have been to Delhi and Mumbai only once and never in the south ! But now with the EP coming out, it’s high time we change that. So whoever is reading this, get us a gig in your city, will you? We are planning on promotional gigs post the EP launch and the details will be out on our Facebook page and MySpace!

HB: This is your space. Any words you’d like to give fans, critics and metalheads out there?

Yonsample: Keep supporting original music, attend concerts, buy cds and help growing the music scene. Metal in India is growing stronger everyday and you guys are making it happen! Criticisms are always welcome as long it is related to music. See you guys soon !