• Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: February 9, 2014

Headbangers India caught up with Bangalore based Xector prior to their gig at Insurrection V2 to talk about their evolution from the Spitfire days, their last released EP, upcoming plans and more.


HBI: Thanks for talking to us! What’s been up?
Xector: Hey thanks for interviewing us!! Hmm… Band side, we had a few lineup changes. Apart from that, nothing much. Just the same old routines! LOL .

HBI: So is Xector the newer version of Spitfire, with just a change in name and band members, or do you prefer to consider both bands as completely different projects, and not a continuation?
Xector: Yes , you can probably say it’s a new version of Spitfire and no, not two different projects .The reason being we want to experiment and explore more on our sound, musically and technically. So we wanted to take a different approach to the way we write music. When all this was happening we thought the name should be definitely changed from Spitfire (which was a name of a warplane) into something more mature or better sounding. So, Xector!

HBI: How was the response to ‘Beyond Oblivion’? The EP seemed like it sprung out of nowhere. How has it done/ has it been doing?
Xector: ‘Beyond Oblivion’ was a long overdue project which we wanted to release very long back, but that time we broke up and again came back in the scene with a fresh new line up.So we had to release our stuff and not just play shows as we had to showcase our music. ‘Beyond Oblivion’ was released and due to many changes in the line up and us coming back to the scene, maybe it did seem like we sprung out of no where ! Haha! Coming to the EP , it did pretty well..got some good and mixed reviews too! Overall we were pretty happy about how it shaped up!

HBI: The Spitfire era was the time when Lamb of God-like bands were just gaining popularity in the Bangalore circle, and that influenced a LOT of local bands at the time (Inviktus, Extinct Reflections etc). Is there any particular sound/band/genre at the moment that you’d say Xector is influenced by?
Xector: Oh, that era was just kickass for all the bands that we shared the stage with and we still miss those days playing alongside those bands. Pretty sad that most of the bands doesn’t exist nowadays.
Well, talking about our influences I wouldn’t say we are influenced by any particular band as such. Each one of us has a different background. For sure, searching for our roots only in the big bands is incorrect, so as I mentioned earlier, we are planning to take a whole new approach writing and we are very much influenced in the whole school of metal which inspires us to write riffs and make music!

HBI: I get the feeling that Xector has been keeping a low profile ever since the comeback. Any specific reasons for this?
Xector: The reason being as soon as we came back in the scene and released an EP, immediately two of our band members parted ways with the band to pursue their own interests and again we had to search for like-minded musicians and line up changes. So it took some time for us to search and we couldn’t play many shows or make any kind of announcements or releases till we had a solid line up!

HBI: People had a lot of good things to say after your gig at the first edition of Insurrection. Now what can we expect from Insurrection V.2?
Xector: Yes we had an awesome show in the first edition. Expect more in-your-face heavy music with the new line up!

HBI: Apart from the comparisons that our scene-sters make about how things were then and now, there has been a noticeable change in terms of more people, especially young metalheads, getting into organizing gigs themselves. Your thoughts on this?
Xector: Lot of people just blabbered about how shitty the music scene is and are having debates and fights about genres instead of doing anything about the actual local scene. Yes, of late a lot of people are organizing gigs, there are few gigs which allow only particular genre bands to play and some gigs allows all kinds which is really great and the best thing about it is the scene is really coming back and that’s what it should all be about! Preetham and his team (Insurrection) are doing an amazing job about getting all kinds of genre based bands to perform under one roof. Many thanks to him for doing a kickass job while still studying! Ha ha!

HBI: Who are your current favourite Indian bands? And any particular band from this Insurrection line-up that you guys are looking forward to watching?
Xector: A lot of kickass Indian bands have sprung up of late …a favourite being Undying Inc., Scribe, Skyharbor, Devoid, Eccentric Pendulum ,Theorized etc to name a few. Really looking forward to see Orchid and Nihilus tear up the stage!

HBI: So what’s the big plan for Xector? Anything exciting coming up in 2014?
Xector: Compose more songs differently than what we had done earlier and definitely a launch within this year. Maybe an EP again or an album. Depends on how things work out! We will have to just wait and see!

HBI: Thanks for talking to us guys! And best of luck!