Undying Inc (May 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: May 10, 2009

Their name spells ‘immortality’. Their name also spells ‘a combination of (metal genre) ingredients’. And they make some of the most aggressive and technical death metal that the Indian metal scene has ever heard of. Here is Delhi based speed/ thrash/ groove/ hardcore/ death metal band UNDYING INC. in an exclusive interview with Headbangers India.

HB: Tell us a little more about the concept behind Evilution of a Manimal?

Undying Inc: The concept is largely based around the human condition from a critical point of view. It’s about the darkest, most vile part of humanity. Our evolution as a race and its subsequent rape of the planet, destroying our surroundings, our double standards, our greed and total lack of respect for our planet’s resources. It portrays humans as the most malevolent, aggressive species in the true sense of the world. Just take a deeper look into the world around you and this country to see how fucked up things truly are.

HB: Do you play the songs from the EP live? We read (on the official band website) that the band was not planning to, so don’t you think you’ll lose out on many live music fans that way?

Undying Inc: (Laughter…then in a very thick British accent) “Aye, we want to know exactly where you have been reading such tripe. Ye’ tell us Sir, who them lie-mongering buggers are and we’ll go deliver them a good clobbering over the skull, eh!” (Laughter)…

But let us clarify that we have played every song from the E.P at every show we have performed and in fact we’ve gathered lots of new fans with these songs. People can come to any Undying Inc gig and be treated to all these songs, as well as many brutally new tunes from the upcoming album.

HB: That’s good to hear! How would you compare the band’s music in the three releases so far (EPs included)? Any differences, similarities and developments that you have noticed?

Undying Inc: Well, during our initial efforts we were still trying to sort of ‘find our sound’ but the main difference between the first album and the latest EP is probably the fact that we’ve gotten faster, more technical and the new sound possesses a certain viciousness.

Certainly there have been major changes in perspective, compositions, lyrics and our general view of the world. Musically, we have become much more experimental. We have literally stopped thinking about conventions of what’s right or what’s wrong when it comes to composing… not that we gave a shit earlier, but now it’s a more focused sound.

HB: What news on the full length album- the sequel to Evilution of a Manimal? What’s it called, when will it be released…?

Undying Inc: We are planning to release it sometime around August/September this year. But that is all that we are going to disclose at the moment. The only hint is that it will take things to an intense level.

HB: Different band members bring in different influences. Do you think a change in line-up has affected your music in any way?

Undying Inc: Of course it has. We all have similar influences and most importantly the chemistry that we now share is more cohesive and we can finally head in the direction that we’ve wanted to go with our music. Since everyone is on the same page, it gives us more freedom to experiment.

HB: Tell us a little about Undead Noise records. Any plans to expand it?

Undying Inc: Undead Noise was essentially Biswarup (Guitars) and Reuben (Bass), since the first album Preface to Erase was totally self-funded and we weren’t signed on to any label, we decided to create our own label for distribution. As of now, we are not pursuing that aspect seriously, and running a label is another story altogether. The new album is probably being released on a proper record label.

HB:  Let us in on some jam room secrets. What, apart from the music, serves
as inspiration for the members of Undying Inc?

Undying Inc.: Well, lots of stuff actually… all sorts of heavy music, classical music, good music, experimental art, slasher-movies, disaster documentaries, global warming, gore n’ guts, gaming, weed, beer, death, life, hate, food, love, sex, clothes, shoes, internet, extreme sports, friends, family, enemies, politics and religion, urban chaos, parkour, dropkicks, stoicism, emotions, robots, machines, technology, animals!

HB: Ha ha that’s a short list. Anyway, which has been your best and worst gig to date?

Undying Inc: Well that’s a tough one. You see… over the years there have been a few nightmarish gigs mostly thanks to crappy sound, technical glitches, and band members being ill, clueless organizers, etc. and we consciously choose not to remember them. What is worth remembering, are the really great gigs. GIR Delhi, where we shared the stage with Satyricon is definitely a memorable one and Shillong where we played with Scribe and Bhayanak Maut was the most special one due to the sheer experience of it all…

HB: You don’t perform in the South much, though there is a huge metal following there. Why is that? Do you have any plans of performing there soon?

Undying Inc: We know about the metal scene in the South and have been dying to perform there. In fact, we had been offered gigs and many plans were made but things never worked out. This year however, we are planning a tour where we hit some cities in the south. Hyderabad and Bangalore are on the top of that list now. So, if any organizers are reading this, please do call!

HB: We’ll take note! What do you think about the metal scene of today? In the span of these few years, do you think it’s moving towards something better or just straying away from pure metal?

Undying Inc: Well, the metal scene of today seems to be growing by leaps and bounds as far as interest in it is concerned and it definitely is moving forward. More bands are trying a different approach in a genre that sometimes gets stale.  In today’s metal climate, it wouldn’t be fair to judge anything from a ‘pure’ metal point of view anymore because ‘metal’ itself is a rather large family now. It’s a very subjective view.

HB: Finally, some inspirational words to metalheads across the country would be…

Undying Inc: Stay true, believe in whatever you are doing and don’t follow trends. Simple.