• Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: June 9, 2014

HBI: Standard question, but we would like to know tell us about how the band first came into being.

Underside: We met our guitarist Bikrant Shrestha during the ‘Silence Festival’, and the other four of us were already in a band together. All of us shared the same passion and love for music and the rest of us were looking to do something new as well! So thats pretty much how it started.

HBI: Your album released this January. What has the response been like?

Underside: Yeah, our first EP was released earlier in January, and the response has been really great so far. We even got some cool media coverage from the homeland and from across the country too. The biggie would be a feature in the ‘Terrorizer Magazine’, UK, where our song was featured at the free compilation CD on one of their issues. We were part of it along with some really cool bands such as Savage Messiah, Conan and Nervosa to name a few.

HBI: Fantastic video for “Disconnect”! Congratulations on that .How was the experience of working on your first formal music video? Have you seen any increase in the exposure that the band has got after the music video? Has it helped you reach out to more people?

Underside: Thank you! We are glad you liked it, it was weird at first when we started to shoot the video but then when the crowd came in, it was all about energy and the love of performing for them. Not like one of those cut and play things, but we went to play the full thing all day and the best part was no one from the crowd bailed out or got frustrated at any point of the shoot! We were really happy with the final outcome, and yeah it certainly has helped a lot to reach out to a lot of people from very unexpected parts of the world too!

Underside- 2

HBI: Your music seems to combine a number of influences. In the current metal scene, a lot of people are (somewhat) genre elitists.Does this ever bother you to try and fit into a particular sub-genre of metal, or does that not interfere with the music you create at all?

Underside: Yeah I think it sucks that people are listening music to find where it fits and if it’s in their criteria of genre or not. To us, all that is bullshit. We are individuals and have different influences. We all write music but at the end the final outcome makes us a unit and defines us a band- not as a genre. We really don’t care what direction our music is taking as long as we like what we are getting out of it at the end of the day. Only that matters.

HBI: You’ve opened for a couple of really big names in the metal world like Vader and Decapitated. Presenting your music to names like that must have been a great honour. Did you happen to talk to any of the band members and share any of your music with them?

Underside: Yeah it is always amazing to be playing along with big bands and the bands we met so far are really down to earth, so yeah… we did talk to almost all of the ones we shared the stage with. We also met ’Malta’ who did the mixing/mastering duties for our EP ‘Welcome to the Underside’. We met him when he was doing sound for Decapitated in Nepal, He saw us liked our music and decided to help us out and we were really happy about it.

HBI: Tell us a little about the scene in Nepal.

Underside: There are lots of good musicians right now and the scene seems to be growing. But yeah, a friend recently told us “a scene is as big as the band makes it”. So I think everyone needs to push harder to grow.

HBI: I sense a strong feeling of rebellion in the music of Underside. Though that’s a major factor in metal music as a whole, do any cultural circumstances or your environment play a part in contributing to this?

Underside: Since we are a product of this society, everything that comes out is an influence of it and Nepal has not been a happy kind of place for the last 10-15 years. Everyone has suffered the outrage of it from the social taboo and government shit.

HBI: Are you familiar with the bands in india and the massive underground metal scene here? Do you have any bands whose music you like /find interesting?

Underside: Yeah we are exploring it and it seems vast. We have heard a few bands and we really like Pin Drop Violence, Scribe, Zygnema, Gutslit and we are really looking forward to all of the bands we will share the stage with in Shillong as well as in Bangalore.

HBI: This will be your first time in Bangalore. Are you looking forward to playing at Insurrection?

Underside: Yes, very very excited. We are doing a really big tour and travelling a lot on this maiden visit to India and it gets over at Insurrection. So we will be at our best on the 15th.

HBI: What can the fans expect from your gig? Any words of caution (!) to those coming for the gig?

Underside: The fans can expect heavy metal all night long! The line up looks great! It should be one hell of a night and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this! We will deliver our best and we hope its turns out great!

HBI: Cheers and thanks for the interview!