• Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: September 26, 2013

We spoke to these guys rather recently, however, here we go again! Threinody made their return at the first edition of Evilution and here they are again, ready to thrash. Bangalore’s premier thrash metal outfit have a lot to offer, hear it from their frontman Siddharth Naidu.

HB: Greetings, thrash boys! A few words on your upcoming show at Evilution and what to expect please.

Siddharth Naidu:
Greetings, Heathu! Our first interview with you, and this sure as fuck ain’t going to be the last one either! On to your question…we played at Evilution 1, and that was quite interesting. After we played just 2 songs, the electricity cut out, and the diesel generator cut in. What’s the problem, you ask? Fuckin’ rodents, that’s the problem! It seems the little cunts had chewed up the cable that connects the generator line to the main line. We waited and then cleared the stage for Albatross. Electricity returned and Albatross went on to scare the fuck out of every single rodent in the joint. Cheers, boys!

HB: We recently heard that you’re in the studio recording to your full length, how about some updates on that? What does it feel like to do it after this many years?

Siddharth Naidu: Yes, we are recording a full-length, probably a dozen songs. Recording, mixing, and mastering are all being done at our guitarist Premik’s Area 51 Studio. We are doing it at our own pace. We decided to nail the rhythm section first…so right now, most of the focus is on bass and drums. We have already been in the studio in 2006/07 when we recorded the Trimetallicthreinonide EP, which we did not release officially. It’s good that we are recording at this point. We are doing things in a much more professional way.

HB: What do you have to say about metal in Bangalore from then till now? What have you seen change and how?

Siddharth Naidu: Equipment: In the old days, we played on cheap, crappy equipment. We had no choice! But now, we have access to some great brands at a decent price.
People: Everyone has obviously grown up, some have changed for the better, some for the worse.
Bands: A lot of the old brigade have come back and are holding it together pretty well. And now, we have organizers who are metalheads, trying to put together concerts. Some bands have played abroad, which is also great.
Things are looking pretty good through our kanaadis!

HB: Lastly, a few words about Evilution (as that was your comeback gig this year) and how it feels to be part of it again, and what to expect of your set.

Siddharth Naidu: We are pleased to be part of Evilution again. The previous one didn’t go so well for us. We will be playing a quick, all-original set, and that’s all we can reveal!

Cheers, Adarsh, and thanks for the support!