• Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: January 11, 2011

In January 2011, we’re proud to feature the boys from Theorized- one of Bangalore’s best thrash metal bands. The band talks about their new material, their opinions on the scene and more, only in this exclusive interview with Headbangers India.

HB: What’s up, guys? How’s it going? Congrats on being the Featured Artist of the Month on Headbangers India!
Madhav: Hey there, feels great to know that we’re featured! Cheers!
Sankalp: Hey thanks! Feels awesome to know we are.

HB: What’s new on the Theorized front? What’s happening with the band right now?
Madhav: 2010 sucked, We are right now recovering from a real real bad phase, where things got worse while we tried to make it better. Right now we’re on a break, setting things right and of course writing a lot of new stuff. We should start gigging by March/April.
Sankalp: Well last year wasn’t really good cause shows were few and far apart. Theorized is in a sorta slump in terms of playing gigs cause of the obvious “missing guitarist” factor. But, we’re still pretty much focused. We’re busy writing new material and working with new equipment.

HB: You mentioned the band was on a break. What happened there? Was it because of your other projects, Escher’s Knot, for example?
Madhav: We were in a real bad phase. No jam rooms, no money, everyone were busy with work, this went on for a few months until we decided to put everything we have to build our own jam room. It was after this we played a couple of shows like B69 (Mumbai), supporting Nervecell and October Fest, which was followed by the line-up change. Things just got better for us, with the chance of supporting Cynic and Hacride at IMC, but as you know that didn’t happen, we even had to cancel out on another killer pub gig in Hyderabad due to some unavoidable circumstances,
now we’re again on a break writing new material. And no, the break wasn’t because of Escher’s Knot, nowhere close. I’ve managed to give enough time to both the bands.
Sankalp: We were kinda on a break trying to sort things out, We found a replacement in Sandy and continued to play gigs with him. He has adapted really well and we’ve nothing to complain about. With Madhav forming Escher’s, it came as a real surprise at first but we’ve gotten used to it. In fact, Escher’s are chilled out and we’ve fun hanging out with them when we can. It brings more of a responsibility on Madhav and as long as he can handle it and dedicate himself to it then it’s not a problem to us.

HB: Tell us about your influences; musical and otherwise.
Madhav: Musically: Nevermore, Martyr, Cynic, Soilwork, Meshuggah, Death, Testament, Jamiroquai, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Exodus, Primus, RHCP etc etc. Otherwise: a whole bunch of TV Serials on Asianet channel.
Sankalp: Musically: Everything! I thought of a good bass line while sitting in a train the other day. Creeped some guy out sitting next to me too. Apart from the metal gods, namely, Exivious, Pantera, Exodus, Nevermore, Faceless, Martyr, Born Of Osiris there is also Primus, RHCP, Jamaroquoi. Otherwise: That little fagotty neighbor of mine who cries whenever he hears me practice at home and the chai guy outside my office who strangely sounds like Rob Halford.

HB: Your EP ‘A False Hope Of Tyranny’ was released a year back and was highly successful. When will we get to see the follow up to the debut release?
: As we already mentioned, we’re right now working on a lot of new material with a whole new approach and a little progressive from what you’ve heard on FHOT. This should take a while and if things really work out, we should be out with a full length this year end, hopefully.
Sankalp: Hmmm….well we have things in the pipe-line. Like I said, we’re busy writing new stuff, improvising on previous stuff too. We’re also trying our hand at different styles, arranging for funds, blah blah blah….the new stuff should hopefully be out sometime this year.

HB: At your most recent gig, we noticed that the new compositions seemed to be a little different, musically, from what Theorized was associated with earlier. Are you guys working on changing your sound?
: Not really. We love the thrash sound and always will. We’re trying to experiment in terms of adding more progressive and melodic material. Sticking to one genre is good but then you lose the freedom to go beyond that. We’ve experimented with previous songs where the bass line is funk influenced for example Blackout from FHOT (maybe not but still sounds cool to say it!). We’re still stuck to our roots but as we become, better musicians, our sound progresses as well. A large doesn’t really get us drunk any more, if you know what I mean. So if we’re doing anything, it’s to make our sound much better than it already is.

HB: We’ve noticed you’ve gotten a small line-up change, with the original members coming back. Is this a temporary move? And was it a conscious one?
Madhav: Ankit getting back to the band wasn’t a temporary move. He’s taken a year off to go abroad and study and Sandy filled in for him. But now Sandy stays back, replacing Vishnu. This line up was decided after a lot of thinking.
Sankalp: Well, no. It’s not temporary. We have been our best with Ankit and he gets the sound we’re looking for. Apart from the fact that he is also a brilliant musician, he is also amazing with audio production. We knew about him going abroad for studies and everything was planned. Things happened along the way but we’re still alive. So, yeah the decision was one which we made consciously and which I accepted once I sobered up.

HB: What does 2011 hold for Theorized? Anything new we’ve got to keep our eyes (and ears) open for?
Madhav: On FHOT, the songs were already written with some minor changes done later on, but now everyone’s equally involved in the songwriting process. Its gonna take a while, but its all worth it. New songs are gonna be a lot more heavier, faster, progressive and of course, not to forget those melodic sections and headcrushing solos. We haven’t played even one gig yet with the current line up, wait and watch.
Sankalp: Well we got one more year before “the world ends”, so, we intend to chop off as many heads as we can! (But, seriously, we’re really sweet guys and don’t normally do that.) I think what we’re getting ready for this year is a set line-up, hopefully better equipment, and of course our new material. We’re working on new styles, getting different inputs from people who are happy to give advice to but not really follow it themselves.
We’re also experimenting, SOBER, in terms of sound we’re trying to add elements of funk, jazz, prog, etc.

HB: Over the last year alone, we’ve seen a rise in the number of Bangalore bands ‘to watch out for’. Though this might make it awesome for the scene, it makes it more difficult for a band to make a mark, and also in terms of competitions. Your comments on this?
: Bangalore scene was huge, when we started off, there WERE too many bands that were GOOD! Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections, Inviktus, Bhoomi, Black Earth, Spitfire, Stranglehold, Ston’d and a lot more apart from the existing bands, THAT was the Bangalore scene! But the level of thinking was different. Back then, the main aim of a band was to win a competition. New bands have so much more exposure now, Everyone’s thinking big. So many bands across India now, its really awesome to see that. If you go back to 2007, forget the production, having released an album was a big achievement. Today, on facebook/reverbnation, you get to choose and criticize bands every week on their production quality. Considering all this, a band really have to work their ass off to get noticed. Not just a well produced song on the internet, they need to work on their tightness, sound, live act, management blah blah and a bit of luck too.
Sankalp: Well there is hardly anything to comment on this. The more fuel you add to the fire, the more it’s gonna burn. Theorized started when the scene was dominated by killer bands like Myndsnare, Phenom, Kryptos, etc. So they were like the first generation and helped us get to where we are. It works the same way. Some kid who saw Theorized and Abandoned Agony and Spitfire play got back home and told himself he wants to do the same thing. And now he’s probably playing insane stuff in an awesome band. It’s inevitable. But as long as you make your mark it doesn’t matter. I mean, there are a lotta bands in US but you still know every one of them bow down to Megadeth or Metallica. The competition is only meant for college gigs i.e., money. Once you’re out of them, it doesn’t really make a difference.

HB: Some of you have been part of more than just one band, and would be apt to comment on this one- What are your opinions on the Bangalore metal scene alone, and also when compared to the scene elsewhere in the country.
Madhav: Let me tell you, the Bangalore scene is fucked right now. So many bands were around,we lost all of them, got a ban on pub gigs, Sunday Jam closed down – all in the same time, Stripped Raped and Strangled. Right now, Bombay is ruling without a doubt (having venues like B69 and Blue Frog), killer bands too. Hopefully things are sorted out here soon. More venues, more crowd support and no ‘topi-putting’ organisers is what we need. Right now, we thankfully have just a Kyra, which is pretty expensive for the metal crowd but works out at times.
Sankalp: The Bangalore metal scene is like an elitist group. Very critical of metal bands. You can’t get away just playing anything. They know they’re metal which would explain a lotta international metal acts coming here. But, this also has its negatives cause they can be rude and make you cry. The Bangalore crowd knows what they want. Broken necks. And you can’t break it for them, they’ll go somewhere else. But once you get their attention, it’s awesome, they’re the best crowd out there (sales tactic…buy more Theorized merchandise). Hyderabad is in one word, HAVOC! The crowd there don’t really care what you play as long as it is fast and heavy. They’ll mosh for anything. That’s really crazy for us cause we get pumped up too. I guess with any place when they see a new band they don’t know what to expect, so that mystery is always exciting. But still, Hyderabad has been one of our most responsive crowds. Can’t wait to go there again!

HB: Our friends from EP are going to be playing at Wacken, and Indian metal bands in general can now dream of bigger things/ greater heights to reach. Do you see anything like this in store for Theorized sometime in the coming years?
: Really proud of the EP phraands who will be playing at the world’s biggest metal festival \m/. Talking about us, hahaha after all the shit we’ve been through, we’ll just stick to writing new material and sorting out a few things at the moment. We’ll be active in a couple of months though, who knows what’s in store for us. Keep checking those webpages!

HB: Any last shout outs to your friends and enemies?
Madhav: Enough said. Just wait for a while till we set things right, let the music talk.
Sankalp: Hmmm….not really. We shout at our friends every day and enemies? It “depends” whether we care. We don’t. All we can say is Theorized plan on bringing some really awesome stuff out this year. So get the KY jelly out and be prepared! Till then, watch out for updates on www.facebook.com/theorized. Cheers! \m/