Solar Deity

  • Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: October 12, 2013

On the eve of Vehement Era, we talk to Supreme Evil black metal powerhouse Solar Deity from Bombay. Having had four releases and a handful of shows, these dudes are really creating waves. This is their second visit to Bangalore after Trendslaughter Fest this year, and here are a few wise words from frontman/founder Aditya Mehta.


HB: Greetings, evil ones! How is the preparation for the much awaited Vehement era going?

Mehta: Greetings from Bombay! We’re looking forward to playing in Bangalore again. This is our first show with the new line-up, and though we’ve jammed the set out enough times, we’ll be fully ready only when we hit the Bangalore pubs on Saturday!


HB: Devil Worship is your fourth release on CD, tell us about how that is doing. How has the response been for the previous releases? Also, do you think it’s fair to release just one song on one CD as you have done before?

Mehta: Devil Worship is doing as well as we expected it to. It’s been downloaded from my website a few hundred times and it’s on a few other sites and there’s no way we’ll ever know how many downloads the album got from there. We released Snowless as a single because it wasn’t meant to go with any of the other releases; it’s a 10-minute song with a unique vibe, so I don’t think anyone should complain. We’re going to release another single soon which will be as different as all our releases are from each other. The idea behind making and releasing these singles is to cool off between intense releases. It’s our way of having fun and offering the world some more music. I don’t know if it’s fair, but hey – people are welcome to download it if they don’t want to buy.


HB: Your music reeks of Satanism, is that something you preach as a band, musically and lyrically? What philosophies does the band thrive on?

Mehta: We don’t preach anything as a band. I’m a LaVeyan Satanist, and I obviously know there is no god or devil, and unlike shitcocks who believe there’s some god watching their every move and controlling the universe, I recognize and accept fantasy for what it is.


HB: How did your recent line-up change come about? And why the split from the much adored Yash?

Mehta: It was inevitable… those guys really had it coming. Yash is an old friend but he needed some time off. As for our ex-guitarist Akash Shah – he shouldn’t have been in Solar Deity in the first place. We have a proper lead guitarist now – Niraj Singh Chauhan, and we have Amogh Sharma on the drums.


HB: What influences Solar Deity, both musically and otherwise? And what emotions does it take to play this kind of music?

Mehta: I’m not sure how to answer this. 80’s/90’s pop music and psytrance influence my songwriting as much as metal does. Apart from music, I don’t know… doesn’t everything make a difference? You can hear the emotions and feelings in the music. You can hear anger, hatred and aggression on In The Name Of Satan, and on The Darkness Of being you can hear conviction, sadness, pain and hope. Devil Worship is overconfidence and arrogance… it’s us being very cocky.


HB: What do you have to say about black metal bands in India? Do you see it going somewhere? Also a few words about the upcoming Black Metal Krieg, its third annual edition.

Mehta: I don’t think anything will go anywhere unless bands start releasing music. Gigging endlessly and getting signed to a record label won’t help if you can’t make good music, and selling merchandise all the time certainly won’t help. As our manager Aakash Dwivedi says, a metal band should not turn like a clothing brand.


HB: You are known to give away CDs for free. While that is commendable, doesn’t that burden you as you spend a lot of time, money and effort in putting out a CD?

Mehta: It’s my way of letting people know I like them.


HB: Do Solar Deity want to project a certain kind of imagery, as seen with the robes at live shows?

Mehta: Not really, but I think it’s a lot better than going onstage looking like a peon who has stepped out of office for cutting chai. If a band has great music but doesn’t look the part, next time I’ll stay home and listen to their stuff.


HB: What next for the band? Also, as of the immediate, what do you expect at Sunday’s gig in Bangalore and what can the crowd expect from you?

Mehta: We have a few more shows this year and then we’ll record and release new material: a single and then an EP. We expect the crowd to download our music and they can expect us to play some raging black metal.

Catch Solar Deity live at Vehement Era on Sunday, the 13th of September alongside Gutslit, Chaos, Festered Wound, Dark Desolation, Theorized and Nihilus.