Social Suicide

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: January 9, 2012

Headbangers India speaks to Bjarte Andreas Haugland from the band Social Suicide about their newest album, their recent tour and also, Indian metal! Read on for more.

HBI: Thanks for talking to us at Headbangers India! How’ve you guys been?

We have been great! Its really exciting to come to India for the first time!

HBI: Going back to how it all started for you- tell us how Social Suicide was formed.

SS: It was back in to 2008. Me (Bjarte), Esteban and our old singer played in another more straight forward rock band together, but we wanted to play more hardcore/punk sounding stuff. This led to the split-up of that band and the forming of Social Suicide. We needed a bass player and the first person who came to mind was Remi, an old friend of ours. We got him to join and then everything happend really fast with the making of songs and playing live-shows.

HBI: Tell us why you decided to call yourselves Social Suicide. Is there any significance behind the name?

SS: We just wanted something easy to remember and we like the punky/childish sound to it. It also tells something about us doing what we want with our music without letting anyone else decide our direction.

HBI: So you recently released your first full length ‘Broken Pilgrims’. Tell us a little about the album- the sound, the influences, the theme etc.

SS: The album shows where we stood musically at that point (It was recorded in May 2010. The writing process was really hard. We booked the studio 6 months in advance without having any finished songs. It made us all really stressed but we all had our fingers crossed that we would get the inspiration. We ended up writing stuff that was pretty challenging to us, not necessarily in a technical sense, but challenging to us in a songwriting perspective. In my eyes the album combines punk rock, metal and more experimental forms of hardcore. The lyrics are mostly about losing in our personal lives but refusing to give up, so you could almost say its a concept-album when it comes to the lyrical part of it.

HBI: What’s coming up next for the band in terms of other album releases and gigs?

SS: We will start recording our new album which will be released around April/May.

HBI: As a band, what are your influences? (Musically and otherwise)

SS: As for most bands I think its pretty hard to know what concrete things that inspires us, but if you want bands we love I can name a few: Converge, Swing Kids, Refused, Fugazi, Silver, Extol, Drive Like Jehu, Deftones.

HBI: To us, Norway is all about black metal! Tell us a little more about the metal scene there
SS: We come from Bergen and thats the black metal capital city I guess. Its at least a lot bigger market for that type of music than what we are playing, and counts for the whole country as well. But all in all, we are no good music-scene analyzers hehe!

HBI: Have you listened to any Indian metal? If yes, what have you heard?

SS: We all think the band Noiseware is pretty good. Pretty tight stuff. We also like Scribe and Goddess Gagged.

HBI: Thanks for the interview! If there’s anything you want to say to your fans in India, feel free to do so here! This is your space…

SS: Thank you all for checking us out and we all hope you listen to our music with an open mind. See you soon!