• Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: September 3, 2010

Skrypt1Our featured band for September- Skrypt, has been thrashing around Hyderabad for the greater half of three years. Headbangers India caught up with the five-piece band on the eve of their album launch party, and this is what they had to say.

HB: What’s up, guys (and girl)? How’re you doing today?

SK: Doing great man. Real excited, finally going to release our EP after 3 years of being together. Just a few hours to go, now waiting for the gigs.

HB: Skrypt has been around for a while now, if I’m right. Tell us more about the band members and the formative years of the band.

SK: Yeah, we’ve been around for over 3 years now. The band was formed when Rajiv and Akhil, who used to jam together, met Ramya and Scenic. This was in December 2006. They were on the lookout for a bassy and found Abbas. The lineup was completed in June 2007. A month later, we played our first gig and things have been going great since then. The current lineup is Scenic on vocals, Ramya and Ravi on guitars, Abbas on bass and Rajiv on drums. Ex-members are Akhil (Guitars) who went on to form Almost September and Joel (Guitars) of Wreckage.

Ramya, Rajiv and Ravi stay in Hyderabad, Abbas and Scenic live in Mumbai. The initial months we had were quite awesome. We were lucky to have a good start I think. The Hyderabad scene was going downhill and there weren’t many metal bands around I think. So we managed to get a lot of support when we were new and also won a few competitions like Youthopia 07 and Campus Rock Idols Hyderabad 07 within the first 3-4 months of forming. That gave us the extra confidence that we needed. None of us actually had experience from playing with other bands so this was our first real band. Soon after CRI though, Akhil had to leave the band and was replaced by Joel. It took us a while to adjust, but we learnt a lot from him and grew a lot as a band and started developing our own sound around then. So Joel leaving was a big blow to us. Its year and a half since he left now and we’ve got Ravi in the band and things are looking better than ever. Our EP launch gig will be the first gig with Ravi in the band so there’s a lot of excitement in many ways.

HB: Tell us more about your EP ‘Discord’; the composing process and the production. What can we expect from it?

SK: Well the EP consists of 4 songs: Artifice, Anathema, Supremacy and Constructing The Absolute. Apart from Artifice, all the other songs were written over the past year or so. We didn’t put a few songs on the record so these are the final shortlisted songs that we felt fit perfectly on the EP. Composing wise, everyone pitches in. From riffs to progressions and patterns, everyone has an input and it adds to the sound of the band. There’re so many different influences and it might all show in our music as well. Since Abbas and Scenic live in Mumbai now, a lot of stuff is written at home and sent across online so we can all add to it or tweak it to fit better.

The album was recorded by Abbas on his little portable home recording setup. The recording of the instruments and programming was done by him. Vocals were recorded at Arun’s (Devoid) studio (MotorG) in Mumbai. The album was mixed by Josh Hughes in New Zealand and we’re really happy with the final output.

There’s a good solid 20 minutes of Progressive Thrash metal on the album. We paid a lot of attention to detail, from the artwork to the selection of songs on the EP and the production. Waiting to hear people’s response.

HB: What are the lyrical themes behind the music?

SK: The basic theme that creeps into most of the songs is about conflict within ones mind and how to overcome it. It’s about our outlook of the world and what it’s come to. How it’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world and the hypocrisy that’s around…

HB: Skrypt is being managed by Threshold Productions. What does that mean for the band, what does Skrypt stand to gain from this?

SK: The main idea behind this is that we don’t want the band members to get involved and affected by other things. The main priority of the band is to make good music and play live. The management and logistics side of it just eats up time and is something we’d like to avoid ourselves and would like to let someone else take care of it. Abbas used to manage the band for a while now. Threshold is run by Abbas and Abhishek Rajan. So there’d be more help managing now and slowly Abhishek can take over complete management duties of Skrypt perhaps.

HB: Sounds good. Ok, you’ve probably got this question before several times, but what’s the response you get when you get on stage with a female guitarist? That’s pretty much a rarity in India, right?

SK: Yeah I think she’s probably the only female who plays lead guitars for a metal band in India (Not sure). People get really shocked when they see us get on stage and see that Ramya goes as crazy as most male guitarist around. She’s been playing guitar for quite a while and has also started teaching now. Hyderabad is pretty used to it now, but its fun when we go outstation and people have no idea about the band when we get on stage. It’s awesome. She is also a grade 8 classical guitarist.

HB: What influences the band and the music?

SK: There’s so much awesome music around and we have a lot of influences that creep into our music. Some bands we like are Pantera, Death, Slayer, Opeth, Gojira, Textures. These are most of the common influences that run within the band. There’s a lot of other bands too but don’t wanna bore you now. There’s so much good metal in India as well so there’s a lot of bands that it has been awesome playing with and influences really kick in when you watch bands live. So some Indian bands we like are Theorized, Devoid, Infernal Wrath, Eccentric Pendulum, Undying Inc, Inner Sanctum, Escher’s Knot etc.

HB: So what’s next for on the agenda for Skrypt?

SK: Compose, compose, gig, gig. Looking to continue composing music the way we have and gig all over to try and promote the EP. We’re already got plans to put out a full length album next year, so let’s see how that goes.

HB: This is where you say whatever you want to whoever you want. Go ahead.

SK: Thanks a lot, Headbangers India. There’re so many people to thank but we’re put most of their names in the CD. Just want to say thank you to everyone for the support over the past few years. We’re really stoked with the response we’ve been getting right after putting out our first single online. Would just like to thank Roydon Bangera for a lot of help over the last few weeks with the album release. If you haven’t heard our stuff yet, go to




CD’s ordering details can be found on our Facebook page.


HB: Beers to you too! It’s been good talking to you. Best of luck, cheers!