Silver Tears (November 2010)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: November 6, 2010

This November, we introduce you to the next big thing in Indian prog/experimental metal- Silver Tears. Headbangers India talks to the Guwahati based band about ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’, the north-east music scene and more, in this exclusive interview.

HB: Congratulations on the release of ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’! Quite a bit of work seems to have gone into this album. Must be quite a relief to finally release it, right?

Silver Tears (ST): Thanks a bunch! ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’ is our debut EP, so we were largely unaware about a lot of things when we first entered the studio. Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa from Lucid Recess studios helped us with the production and the recording bit.

After we were done recording the EP, we didn’t know how to get it to the masses. It was then, that a friend of mine told me about Vantage Records. The guys from Vantage gave us ideas and a direction on how we could make the EP more commercially viable.

So yeah, all of this being said and done – we ARE very relieved to have finally released it.

HB:  Tell us a little about ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’- the concept/ theme behind the album.

ST: There is really no specific theme/concept behind the EP. We’ve taken inspiration from a lot of things and put them all together into one platter. Most of the songs on this one are about personal feelings/ views looked at from a general perspective.

HB: Silver Tears formed about two years ago. How is it that you decided to release your debut so much later?

ST: We’ve been around for quite some time actually. Perhaps more than two years. We’ve actually been the current line-up for the last two years. We took this long to get our debut out because of two reasons,

Firstly, because we thought the time was not right and we were not sure of our sound. We wanted our songs to be perceived as a different entity. In our humble opinion, we have ALWAYS been considered a Dream Theater rip-off. We wanted our songs to be characteristic enough to forge that perception.

Secondly, we were continuously witnessing line-up changes. Once that became stable, we started to prepare the material for the EP.

HB: The music of Silver Tears brings in quite a mix of influences. If you do believe in categorization (which is the big debate in metal right now), what sub-genre would you say Silver Tears comes under?

ST: We’re basically an Experimental Metal outfit. Musically, we have heavy inclinations towards Prog-metal, Jazz and Technical Metal.  However, if you us ask what we play, we would just call it ‘Metal’.

(“This is not a Grocery store!”- Any Death fans in the house? )

HB: Any particular reason you decided to release ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’ online, and that too, for free?

ST: For us, the idea of selling our debut EP didn’t make sense. Cyberspace in today’s scenario is an extremely powerful medium. We decided to put it for free download to appeal to a large audience with ease.

HB: Talking about the music scene in the North East… everyone knows that there’s loads of talent there. But what do you think is the reason the music scene is not picking up there, especially when you compare it to the rest of the country?

ST: We really don’t want to comment on this one. We’re doing our bit. Let’s hope others will too.

HB: If not for shows in the North East itself, bands from that part of the country rarely perform elsewhere. Can we hope to see Silver Tears live anywhere else in India anytime soon?

ST: YES!  We’re slowly going to re-enter the competition circuit. And that means, we’re going to play in places from all around the nation. Also, there are plans for gigs in the cosmos towards the later half of this year.

HB: Let’s get to know you guys a little better. Tell us a little about the band members from Silver Tears. What do each of you do when you’re not in the band, and what’s the music you guys listen to?

ST: Silver Tears comprises of Johny Karan Marak on Vocals, Ishan Das and Brittanta Das Mahanta on Guitars, Biswajit Chakraborty on Bass, Nawaz Hussian on drums and Raktim Mahanta on Keys.

To be very frank, we really don’t have any other interests besides music. We’re all taking formal training in music and that along with the band takes up most of our time.

HB: So what’s coming up for Silver Tears in the next few months in terms of album promotions and gigs?

ST: Well, we have planned on a lot of stuff. Like we mentioned, gigs in the cosmos is what we are really aiming at for starters. Once that’s done with, we’ll perhaps move to other places. We really gig around the entire nation and witness the response for our music. Keeping our fingers crossed!

HB:  Thanks for the interview. This is your space. Go ahead and say whatever you want… to fans, critics, anyone!

ST: Thank you Headbangers India for taking interest in our music. I would like to thank everyone who’s helped, discouraged and been skeptical about this EP. Thank you Vantage Records for helping us out with the Promotions, we couldn’t have done it without you. We would also like to thank Lucid Recess studios for their help and support.