Shaun Lacanne (Putrid Pile)

  • Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: December 21, 2010

Undergrind in 2011 gets bigger and better. After a ton of hype it was finally revealed that Putrid Pile,the one man wrecking crew Shaun Lacanne would be headlining it. Having already shared the stage with Gutslit and Gorified, it was expected he would land here sooner rather than later. We caught up with Shaun to see what he is gonna bring to destroy the place.

1. Hey Shaun,greetings. How does it feel to be interviewed by Headbangers India?

Shaun: Thank you very much for the opportunity brother! I really appreciate it to the fullest! Your Support is awesome and I thank you so much for this!

2. What do you have to say about the Indian metal scene,considering you have shared stage with bands like Gutslit and Gorified?

Shaun: I love what I’ve heard and those bands are such nice guys as well! I would love to hear more from the brutal death metal scene in India and I’m happy to get the opportunity to play in Bangalore, India in January or 2011!!

3. So,one man army unleashing the fury of brutal death metal,what does it take to be Shaun Lacanne?
Shaun: Lots off beers and lots of Laughs! LOL! That’s what it takes to be me! And NO DRAMA! LOL. And a love for all things metal and a great love and appreciation for the Underground scene and all of the great people involved in it. I love Writing quality Metal for people that love the underground! It’s so nice to see and meet so many awesome people that come out to the shows and show their support for Brutal music all over the world! \m/

4. How do you perform live? Do you get guest musicians to fill in? Or is it all programmed?
Shaun: I run my drum machine tracks through the PA system and then I just have my guitar and do vocals! LOL,band in a backpack! Its very nice to have as little amount of gear as possible so when i go on stage i can hook it up fast and then do my thing! Its been working great for me all of these years and the fans seem to like it so I can’t see changing anything for my live shows. I don’t have anyone else playing my songs at all. Its just me by myself.

5. Who would be your favorite death metal band? And the best band you’ve shared the stage with?
Shaun: Biggest band I’ve probably shared the stage with would be Suffocation or Napalm Death. They are all very nice dudes and was an honor for me to share the stage with them. Its hard to say what my favorite band is cause I love so many bands. So I cant really pinpoint that one. Some bands I like their earlier material, some bands I’ve always like them, and some bands i like their newer material so its all over the map! LOL!

6. And your biggest musical influences? Any non musical influences that help you compose?
Shaun: I’ve always been into all kinds of music and such so I’m sure I have a lot of different musical influences that help me along. I’ve been listening to metal and music in general since i was a kid so I have a lot of years under my belt for that as far as hearing all different kinds of music. Some of my metal musical influences would include Gorgasm, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Disgorge(CA), Cannibal Corpse, Fleshgrind, Deicide, and Napalm Death just to name a few.

7. Tell us something about the lyrics you write,and an overview of Putrid Pile.

Shaun: I’m basically a Brutal Death Metal band and I have gore lyrics. I sing about fantasy in the gore/torture realm and I take my inspiration from TRUE CRIME and fantasy alike. Things that have happened in real life from all over the world and here in the US. I just try to make quality music that people don’t get sick of and I don’t want my first song on my CDs to sound like my last song. I try hard to keep things interesting for the listener and I think I’ve accomplished that as of now! I have grind in my music and slam parts as well. I also add a technical aspect for an old school feel cause I like to tip my hat to the bands that came before me. Probably the older European bands and such I would imagine.

8. Where do you see Putrid Pile 3 years down the line?
Shaun: I see myself doing more tours and hitting as many new countries as I possibly can! I will be in Bangalore, India in January so I hope people can read this before then and maybe come out to the show. I only play one show there so lets make this a great one and I’d like to see what India’s all about!! \m/ \m/

9. Lastly,this is your space to tell your fans and all the sickheads anything you wish.
Shaun: Well I would like to thank you first and foremost for the killer opportunity to do this interview! I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview for India before. Or at least I can’t remember cause it was so long ago if I ever did! And I would like to thank all of the fans in India for supporting me and sending me all of the emails and kind words throughout the years and keeping in touch with me. You all RULE and I hope many of you can come out to see me play there in Bangalore. I don’t play India very often so i hope you have enough time to plan accordingly. Hails and I’ll see you in January! \m/\m/

Thanks a lot for the interview Shaun and we wish you good luck with everything. See you in Bangalore in January!

Thank you brother for being so patient with me. Please help to spread the word and see you then! \m/