Scribe – Featured Band (March 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: March 1, 2009

They’re one of India’s most successful metal bands, and often referred to as the torchbearers of the genre of hardcore. Headbangers India brings you Scribe, the featured band this month. Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

HB: What brought Scribe together? Tell us how it all began…

Scribe: Fate.

HB: That’s precise! Now, what made you choose hardcore? There aren’t many bands that play this genre. Do you think there is a reason for that as well?

Scribe: Well, one of the main reasons was that we liked that style of music, and there was also the fact that there aren’t many bands that play this genre. If you see our musical backgrounds, it covers punk, nu-metal, alternative and grunge to death metal. So, obviously, we wanted to do something different from our previous musical styles… in the sense, using our influences and mixing them with hardcore. That’s what we see Scribe as now, just an amalgamation of different styles.

HB: You’ve allowed free download of your record Confect. In a place where the metal scene is struggling, do you think you did the right thing by giving it away for free?

Scribe: Well, we don’t play live shows for free. So we had to do something for free, right? But honestly, we couldn’t be bothered with the hassles of selling a CD and expecting people to buy it. We wouldn’t pay money for just any Indian band’s CD. Maybe a few, but what’s so different about us that would want to make anyone shell out 100 bucks of their hard earned money? Now, don’t get us wrong! We believe in the band and its capabilities, but till we come up with something that is worth paying money for, we’ll try to keep doing it for free.

HB: How has the response to the album been?

Scribe: It’s been great and we were really glad to have got that kind of appreciation.

HB: Congratulations then! Moving on… There has been a slight shift in the Scribe sound from the demo to the album. Was this a conscious attempt or did it just happen?

Scribe: During Have Had Will Core our approach was more spontaneous. Also, the style of music was set and we didn’t deviate too much from it, which was good at the time. But we wanted to do something a little different, explore a whole different gamut of styles to incorporate into our music. And with the induction of Akshay, it was cemented that we needed to go in a slightly different direction. We wanted to let out different emotions, not just aggression. Yes, aggression is the major vibe in our song writing, but you can have different moods in the same song along with the aggression. That’s what we did on Confect. We love contradictions within music. That’s a major factor we like to use here and there with our songs.

HB: From Have Hard. Will Core to Confect, tell us how you’ve grown as a band, apart from the ‘musical evolution’ part of it…

Scribe: Well, we’ve grown older. Prashant turned 27, Niraj 26… You get the drift! Ha ha.

HB: Let’s try to get serious on this one at least! Metal usually stayed away from anything commercial. Yet, being one of the bigger metal bands in the country, you have actually given importance to a music video. Why?

Scribe: A video is also an expression of art as is music. We were not making music videos to pimp ourselves. It is a visual interpretation of what the song is about. Besides, everyone in this band is into media, and 4 out of 6 of us deal with this medium hands on. So how can you expect guys who love everything to do with visuals not to make a video!

HB: “Nobody listens to the vocalist”. Any stories behind that song?

Scribe: Truer words have never been spoken! We all trip on each other pretty often but Vishwesh (vocalist) gets most of it. Also, there was a song we used to cover by a band called Nora, called “Nobody takes pictures of the drummer”. The funny thing is that in our song, the main hook is when Siddharth Basrur is singing his lungs out. We should have called it “Nobody listens to Vishwesh.” Dammit.

HB: Five of Scribe’s biggest influences…

Scribe: Nature and its gifts, Dissonance, Melody, Groove, Rhythm, Love, Anger, Contradictions, Hindi/English Films, almost all forms of Metal, Sikth, Textures, Soilwork, Meshuggah, Djent Bands, Soundtracks, Ambience, Colors, Landscapes, Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter… We could go on and on.

HB: You guys seem to be really good at math! Ha ha. And your parting words of wisdom are…

Scribe: Djent Djent djh Djhun Djhun djh Djent!

HB: And you guys are articulate too! Kidding. Thanks and cheers \m/