Salman from Infinite Dreams Artist Management

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: September 23, 2009

The independent music scene in India, especially when it comes to metal, is at a pretty nascent stage. There may be a lack of exposure and opportunity, but definitely no lack of talent. And here’s someone who’s willing to promote that talent and get you all the attention that your band needs to make it big in the local and international music scene.

Introducing Salman U. Syed- Major Iron Maiden fan and big-time metalhead, and an active part of the local scene, supporting and encouraging bands. And now, he’s the daddy of a new artist management company called ‘Infinite Dreams’.

Based in his bedroom, as he puts it, Infinite Dreams promises bands all the support and PR services that they may require. Even as a college student, he was a very involved member of the Bangalore metal family, and after his graduation, Salman thought of utilizing all his contacts and all that he’d learnt as a tool for a greater objective. And Infinite Dreams was born. This also seems like the best time for him to try out something like this, and if it works out well, he can take it up full time later. Before Infinite Dreams, Salman had also worked with Kryptos as a manager for one and a half years, and the artist management company tries to bring all his efforts together, under one umbrella.

The people behind Grey and Saurian records knew Salman even before Infinite Dreams, and as soon as the two groups set their plans in action, they decided to assist one another in their efforts. Infinite Dreams manages the artists under Grey and Saurian (like Bhayanak Maut), apart from having Myndsnare, Devoid, Dark Horizon and many other bands associating with them. Soon, Demonic Resurrection may also come under the Infinite Dreams banner, as the company is working on a U.S. tour for both Undying Inc. and Demonic Resurrection sometime next year.

But the real “big” event for Salman will happen on the 26th of October this year, as Kryptos, through Infinite Dreams, embarks on an international tour, going to 20 cities in the United States for 18 shows including two gigs in Canada. No Indian metal band has ever gone on such a large scale international tour before, so this is a very big step, both for Salman and for Indian metal as well.

Will Infinite Dreams ever sign on a Teddy Boy Kill or a Shaair and Func? Maybe, as Salman is open to all genres of music. However a metalhead has his priorities and it’s pretty obvious that his leanings will be towards this genre in particular. Also, since he’s been a part of the headbanging clan for a while now, it’s just easier for him to start off here and probably bring in some other artists as they come.

Salman U SyedThe best part of this artist management company is that it doesn’t focus on the big names alone. It has already roped in bands like Dark Horizon and Dwar, which may not have a reputation to rave about as yet, but have oodles of talent. Infinite Dreams is ready to support any band that has the right kind of talent and the will to come up. However, they are currently not working with any college bands for the simple reason that their levels of commitment may not be very high because of exams and other responsibilities.

So, what exactly does Infinite Dreams have to offer to bands and artists? Public Relations, gigs locally, national and international tours, and album launches. But their main focus is on taking Indian metal overseas and getting the world to notice that we’re not left out in the global metal revolution. And with Kryptos having four confirmed international metal festival gigs lined up in 2010(Dong Open Air- Germany; Riverside festival-Italy; a gig in Transylvania- Romania)  , you can be sure of the fact that Infinite Dreams delivers whatever it promises!

As of now, the company is signing on around five to six bands at a time for an initial contract of six months. If you are interested, you can contact Salman on +919886563078 or email him at [email protected]. You can also check out http://www.myspace.com/infinite.dreams for other details.

Promoting metal in a country like India sure is one hell of a challenge, and very few people are actually willing to take it up. Salman leads the way, and says “I want to prove that I can do it”. Well, we want you to fulfill your objective, and are on your side too. Here’s to luck and Indian metal all the way… Cheers!