Reverrse Polarity (July 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: July 15, 2009

“Times are a changing boy!” There was once a stage when metal bands would never win competitions, losing out to the more well-behaved boys in rock. Reverrse Polarity just proved this wrong by winning the country’s most hyped reality show-search for a band- Channel [V]’s Launch Pad. Headbangers India catches up with the band in an exclusive interview…

HB: What’s behind the band name, and the extra ‘r’ in Reverrse Polarity?

RP: There was already a band named that, so we decided to put an extra ‘r’ because we wanted to have a profile on myspace… And it somewhat turned out lucky for us also. So we decided to stick by it…

HB: Let’s get to know each of you a little better. What do each of the band’s members do outside music? Have any of you been in other bands before this?
RP: Shikhar is doing sound engineering, and played for a band called Bitchslap. Jordan played for the same band and is running a jam room in Bandra. Jonathan played drums for a band called Dream Out Loud and also for Zodiac and is becoming a pilot! Gaurav hasn’t been in any band before and he is handling his dad’s business currently.

HB: What are your main influences as a band?
RP: All the band members like a lot of different kind of music… Shikhar likes a lot of old school stuff like KISS. Jordan is into a lot of industrial metal, and Jonathan likes a lot of punk and ska, and Gaurav like a lot of hip-hop and metal. And the whole band loves this international band called Sikth.

HB: It’s been just about a year since you’ve come together, and you’ve already won [V] Launch Pad. How was the experience? What do you attribute to this success?
RP: It was an amazing experience to stay in a house with such talented musicians…and such experienced musicians! The success has brought us a lot of name, fame and recognition and made us big in a way…

HB: Metal bands carry the reputation of being ‘underground’ and not very commercial. This doesn’t seem to be the case with you guys! So tell us, how important is the popularity factor to the band and its music?
RP: As I said, the show has brought it all. There is nothing ‘underground’ according to us. Probably bands that don’t get it like the tag of ‘underground’. Before we became famous, we were tagged as ‘underground’. We think no band should accept that tag and try becoming popular because this genre of music needs to be out in the open.

HB: How easy or difficult has it been to make it big in the scene, especially in a city like Mumbai with the vast metal crowd?
RP: It hasn’t been easy or difficult and nothing is impossible. If you work hard and are committed to what you do, nothing can stop you. We believed in our music and our Mumbai has supported us and that’s how we have made it this big.

HB:  You recently performed at a few places in the country, carrying the tag of being Launch Pad winners with you. How was the reception? Do you see a change from the days before Launch Pad to now?
RP: It has been really crazy! A lot of people recognize us now. We are treated with respect and we are given that importance that every hard working band should get. We played at Goa before the finals of Launchpad in front of 2500 people. We played at Bangalore and Hyderabad after that.

HB:  We heard you’ve just stepped in to do some recording. Tell us about the upcoming album. What’s next on the agenda?
RP: Yes we have, and the album will be out really soon. About the rest… I can’t tell you anything because it’s a SURPRISE!

HB: Reverrse Polarity’s words of wisdom to fans, pals and posers are…
RP: Thanks to all of them. We love them all. Thanks to our friends, family and THE FANS for always being there and supporting us. And what we always say is “Your support is our strength”.