Rahul Das (May 2011)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: May 10, 2011

Our Featured Artist for May is Rahul Das, the person behind the one-man depressive/doom black and ambient metal band CRY. Better known to us by the alias “I”, he talks to us about the advantages of being a one-man band, international acclaim, CRY’s music, the EP ‘SuiSide’ and much more. A Headbangers India exclusive!

HB: Hey Rahul, how’ve you been? What have you been up to of late?

Rahul: Hi Vilasini,been doing good.Lately been busy with the day to day drill of work and art.

HB: Let’s start off from the very beginning… how did you get into metal?

Rahul: Well basically from my childhood I have grown up with art,music was one of its forms that I was always interested in.I was trying to go through every genre of music possible to find the one which was more real and which I could connect to.When I was in school one of my friends introduced me to metal,he made me listen to Slayer-God hates us all.I was very much impressed by the music and the lyrics which was unlike any other genre I have heard before and that is how it started.

HB: Tell us about CRY- The idea behind the band and the music, influences, equipment… everything!

Rahul: More than a music project CRY is like a sonic diary for me where I pen down my thoughts and real life experiences which I cant expect everyone around to understand.The music is more about reflecting the darker sides of life which make us stronger but are yet ignored and hated by many .Pain,agony,melancholy,suicidal thoughts etc., most people tend to go through such emotions due to many reasons be it betrayal,insecurity,hatred,loneliness,failure,being forsaken etc., yes,everyone hates them but they tend to forget that facing them makes them dig deep down to their inner soul and find themselves more.

HB: Working as a one-man band means a hell of a lot of hard work and contribution from your end. Do you look at this as an advantage for you, or do you miss having band members around?

Rahul: I wanted it to be a one man band since I did not want to rely on anyone for this and was not sure if anyone would support my ideas for this project.Yes it is a hell lot of hard work but to be frank I do not miss having band members around at all.This project is more of self and is personal for me so never wanted anyone to be involved.The main advantage of being a one man band is that you learn a lot in the process and your thoughts and ideas go deeper and deeper.

HB: How do you work on your music? Take us through the entire process.

Rahul: To start with I think of a theme to talk about and then start writing music for it.I try to come out with melodies and ideas that would define the song and give it justice.Later on add the lyrics.Lyrics basically take a lot of time for me since I like them to be just not random lines but poems of melancholic art.I do a lot of sampling for the project since I was never financially sound to have all the instruments I need from the Keyboards to the drums.The songs for the albums are arranged in an order where I recite them using a lot of metaphors one by one as they came.As I said,its like my dark diary.

HB: Tell us about your EP ‘SuiSide’.

Rahul: ‘SuiSide’ as the name says is about the side of life where you loose yourself due to multiple reasons and just want to end the pain.Its about the suicidal thoughts that haunts ones mind.People often say that suicide is for the weak,I believe it is human and every single person in this planet goes through those thoughts atleast once in his lifetime.Some people deal with it,some dont.

HB: Your lyrical themes are based on “suicide, depression, agony and negativity”. Tell us more on why you choose to work with such dark topics.

Rahul: People often think that suicide, depression, agony and negativity are whats the word,yes ’emo’ and weak. They tend to ignore those feeling and pretend.They run away from them.They tend to forget that dealing with them makes them more stronger and realize what they really are.It makes one connect more with oneself. All great art is made from suffering and it makes me feel relieved to make beautiful art out of the darker sides of my life.

HB: Your work has been quite well recognized on international metal sites, in fact, more than on Indian sites. Would you attribute that to anything in particular?

Rahul: Yes,I intentionally didnt promote my music much in India because of the lack of black metal scene here.Also people outside seem to be more open minded for my music.Did not have any hopes of CRY being understood or accepted here but to my surprise I have been recieving a lot of appreciation from CRY’s fan base in India too.Felt really good to see that.

HB: Are you planning to perform live anytime?

Rahul: Actually I never even had plans to release CRY.I made the four songs of the demo just for my satisfaction and relief.I wanted to save it somewhere and didnt find a better option than the internet (myspace).To my surprise I started recieving mails from artists and people in myspace appreciating my music.One of the artists recommended me a recording label and hence I got signed to a label and released my demo and EP worldwide. As far as performing live is concerned I never thought of it yet.But maybe in the future if asked for then yes for sure I will.

HB: Is there anything new we can expect from Cry this year?

Rahul: Yes,I am almost done with my new full length album entitled ‘Dead Within’ on which I have been working for almost a year now.The new album is more intense,more experimental and much darker than the demo and EP.

HB: If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, please go ahead…

Rahul: Suicidal thoughts,depression,agony,pain are nothing to be ashamed of.You are free to feel all the feelings that a human can feel.But Suicide is never a solution,stay safe.Also, I would like to thank all the fans of CRY for all the support.Support art,support metal, be true to your music and keep it real.

Join CRY’s official group and fan page on Facebook. You can find links to CRY’s demo ‘Eternal screams of silence’, the EP ‘Sui Side’ and other compilations on those pages.