Rabbit Is Rich (February 2010)

  • Interview by: Ron Bannerjee
  • Date: February 3, 2010

Rabbit is Rich. This year-and -a-half old metalcore act from New Delhi has been gaining attention steadily. With a clean, defined sound and a growing fan following, they are set to be the next big thing in the Delhi metal scene. Headbangers India caught up with them at one of their jam sessions in the drummer Tushar Goyal’s basement. This is what the Rabbit had to say.

HB: So, guys first things first.”Rabbit is Rich” is a really different name for a metal act. How did that come up?

RIR: We were recording a song at Chaitanya’s place to send in to for the IIT Delhi ’08 music fest entries. We did not have a name till then. Dhairya went in to take a leak and bumped into Chaz’s (Chaitanya) brother, who was reading a book called Rabbit is Rich. He came back and pitched the idea to us, and the name stuck.

HB: How did you guys come together as a band?
RIR: Dhairya used to play with Tushar for some other acts, so they knew each other from before. Chaz was introduced to us by a common friend. Mervyn is in Chaz’s college and happened to join the group through him. Currently, the band has no permanent bassist. Dayus Madhan performs with us for all shows in Delhi.

HB: Let’s get some of the generic questions out of the way. Which bands does Rabbit cite as its major influences?
Contrary to being a metal act, we do not have that many metal bands that have influenced us. Led Zeppelin, The BeeGees, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, As I lay Dying, Tool, and Judas Priest are few bands that we consider influential to our music.

HB: What does each of the band members do, when they’re not playing music?
RIR: Tushar and Dhairya are working; Chaz and Mervyn are studying in Delhi University, pursuing undergraduate courses.

HB: What do you guys think about the metal scene in Delhi, given its huge number of rock bands and subsequent following?
Delhi has its fair share of metal bands, but gigs in Delhi for an upcoming metal band are hard to come by. There are very few venues and even fewer shows where new acts can showcase their talent. Promoters generally give shows to bands that have been in the scene for some time. Metal gigs in Delhi draw in quite large crowds, but, a new band’s issue remains with landing the gigs. We’ve actually played more competitions than gigs.

HB: Considering a larger picture, what do you think about the scene in India?
RIR: The Indian metal scene is definitely growing, and becoming more receptive and open. With various international acts coming in, and even some domestic acts going abroad to play shows, the Indian metal scene is certainly gaining attention. It is stagnated at parts, but it’s just the beginning.
HB: Which is Rabbit’s most memorable show and why?
RIR: That has to be IIT Delhi ’09. The theatre was jam-packed, our show was in the evening and we had nice lights, stage fog and stuff. We had a lot of fun playing that show and the crowd response definitely helped.

HB: What is on the cards for Rabbit is Rich?
RIR: We are consistently coming up with new music and experimenting with things. We hope to record an album soon, and release it in 3-4 months time. Our EP is out, as well as some merchandise. It’s up to you guys to buy this stuff, support us, and help us gather the money we need to record an album!!

HB: What would be the one town in India the band would like to play in and what international act would they like to open for?
We’d love to open for As I Lay Dying in Shillong.

HB: Parting thoughts?
RIR: Listen to our music; get us to play in whichever town you are in. Join us on facebook and check out our myspace page for updates. You can buy our EP’s and merchandise.  Practice safe sex!

Rabbit is Rich is:
Dhairya: Vocals
Chaitanya (Chaz): Guitars
Mervyn: Guitars
Tushar: Drums
Dayus: Bass.

-Ron Bannerjee