P-Man (September 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: September 8, 2009

He’s the man without a plan. The funny guy in Indian Metal. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… P-MAN! *Applause*
Exclusively, on Headbangers India.

HB: Tell us about Rohit Pereira- the man behind P-Man! What do you do apart from the music and the laughs?
P-Man: Rohit Pereira aka P-Man, he is the singer-bass player for the punk metal band – Khiladi, day job – Content Quality Analyst in a software company, trying to lose shit loadsa weight, thinking if getting dreads will result in him losing his job 😛 and tryin to get a date with Katrina Kaif !

HB: What’s happening with Pin Drop Violence? What made you direct your interests toward humorous pursuits?

P-Man: Like all good things, even Pin Drop Violence has come to an end. The guys are busy with their lives n jobs. Though me and the drummer, Viru are still continuing with music and now play together in a metal/punk/rock n roll band – Khiladi.

Channel my interests towards humorous pursuits… hmm…. I actually have no idea, I am quite a funny guy, or so people say. So people associate everything I do with humor. I do also have a serious/social side which I don’t talk about much, like I am soon gonna be working with an NGO on AIDS awareness and also be a part of a support group who work with people who are HIV positive. I do believe in our society HIV positive people are looked down upon as immoral or low, I know, I have lost a family member to AIDS, I want to get rid of that thinking and allow HIV positive people to carry on with their lives with dignity, just like everyone else.

HB: What gave you the idea to begin the P-Man Show? Any “Eureka” moments?

P-Man: Early 2000s, I think it was 2003, or 2004, it was the dawn of reality theme based shows on tv. I thought lets have a reality show based on me. And I started my “Reality Thread” on gigpad.com – The P-Man Show. And it picked on, people tuned in, all those who loved it and hated it, worked for me, haha! Everything was discussed there, gig reviews, album reviews, movie reviews, cricket, women, masturbation, birth-control, threesomes, cars, everything! No eureka moments as such.

Then I got a job and din get time to do anything with the online “show”. Enter couple o years down the line, the guys from Babblefish Productions decided to make P-Man Show an internet show, no censorships, I decide what goes on in the show! And besides being friends, the whole vibe was just right and I couldn’t have found better people to work with. I make no money from the show and the people from BFP actually spend money on the show without making anything from it too!

HB: Humour can be quite touchy at times. Do you ever limit yourself in terms of what you talk about?

P-Man: I try and not get too personal, and leave religion and politics out of it. Two of the most pointless and useless things to debate on. Or even have a “healthy” discussion.
Otherwise it’s pretty much no holds barred. Someone gets ticked off, fuck him/her.

HB: A collaboration with Shaair & Func! That took us by surprise! Tell us more…

P-Man: Wasn’t a collaboration ! Just that for the open mic night at this local club here at Zenzi, I decided to be myself – politically inappropriate – and covered a Shaair n Func song with my friend playing the bass and me singing. In the middle I forgot the lyrics so I made up some rubbish and even added some other song ka lyrics are the song went on! And fikar not, all this was shot and will be in the next P-Man Show episode 😛

Shaair aka Monica, I think hates me now forever. Though I must say I am dying to collaborate with them on a song, I’d call it Shaair n Punk 😛

HB: The P-Man show has been quite a huge success so far. Any bigger plans of taking it to a higher level?

P-Man: Yeah, definitely! The show will soon move on to the production company’s podcast site – www.fuzzbox.in – and from there hopefully we will start publicity for the gig hardcore. Shoot more gigs, talk to more bands, and hopefully get some hot women on the show too. Coz we all love hot women 😛

HB: On a more serious note- what would you say is the objective of the P-Man Show? How far do you think you’ve achieved that objective?

P-Man: Objective of the P-Man Show… hmm….well I wanna bring out the Indian indie music scene, be it rock, metal, electronica, jazz whatever, out there to the people and show that there is more to music in India then just Bollywood. We have some world class musicians and bands and I want to showcase them in the best possible way and also help them reach out to newer fans, not only in India, but around the world! Also I wanna entertain people, make them laugh, I mean laughter is the best medicine in this stressful lives we lead !

I don’t think I have done that well in that objective though, as in I don’t get much time to film and shoot at gigs and talk to bands outside of Mumbai, but hoping to change that soon!

HB: Tell us a little about Khiladi… Does your schedule as P-Man ever interfere with the band’s jam sessions and shows?

P-Man: Khiladi was something I was dying to do since a long long time. And when PDV went on a hiatus, I made some time out, PDV drummer Viru joined me and got together some superbly talented musicians and started Khiladi. Initially a lil lost for direction, coz I was the vocalist and I suck ass, tho am lil bit improving steadily.  It’s a year now since we formed Khiladi, we have written some mad songs, finding out our style and planning to release an EP by the end of the year. Do check out our songs at www.myspace.com/khiladi . It’s totally a different style and role for me, though you will find elements of PDV music creeping in now and then, but hell, that’s how I think musically and write my songs! Did that in PDV too, all the punky and groovy numbers and now still doing it in Khiladi, but with a lil bit o rock n roll ! And I am loving every moment of it !!! I get to sing about women, threesomes and heartbreaks, self-respect and still get to be me without being emo! Fuck yeah !

We jam about once a week and though its realllllly not anywhere enough, we do make the most of that once a week! And na, P-Man Show never really interferes with Khiladi, I make as much as time as I can with Khiladi.

HB: Seems like you guys have a good load of fun when making the episodes of the P-Man Show. Would you like to share any memorable/ funny moments with us?

P-Man: Every moment is fun man, all the people at Babblefish Productions are my friends and super cool and super awesome, there are no scripts, all is as it happens and they even put the retarded bits in !!! I think I’d have to say the MySpace India launch afterparty in episode 3 and the upcoming Open Mind Night episode are the two fav ones! The afterparty I was fucking drunk outta my head and din know what the fuck was happening!

HB: What have you got lined up for the next few months? Anything fans can look forward to from the show and otherwise?

P-Man: Next few months will be a lotsa shooting for P-Man Show, lotsa gigs for Khiladi and tune into http://myspace.com/khiladi and http://facebook.com/thepmanshow if you on facebook or look us up ‘pmanshow’ on Youtube for more craziness and cooler bands !

Also look out for a leaner me *fingers crossed !!!!!