• Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: May 8, 2010

Meet Overture, the guys who are bringing Lamb of God down to Bengaluru, this May 15th. Despite a super busy schedule, they spared some time for an interview with us. Excerpts, exclusively here, on Headbangers India.

HB: You’re making the dream of a thousand (and surely more) metalheads come true by bringing down Lamb of God to India. We’re all curious to know… How did this happen?

Overture: Its all an illusion. It ain’t happening. Stop Hallucinating .Haha.  Even we wonder how it happened. I guess its all the Grace of (lamb of)God 😉

HB: Does the magnanimity of the event ever scare you? Especially since it’s just the two of you at the bottom of the whole idea and its execution?

Overture: It’s intimidating for sure but we know we can and we will pull it off. We have great support from our close friends like Manaswi,Naveen Thomas,Vishnu,Sashi and Harish. These guys are making our lives simpler.

HB: Can you give us a small preview of what the concert is going to be like?

Overture: Stage is going to big. There will be guitar amps, monitors, mics, drum kits and hopefully some people making use of what’s on stage.

Crowd Expected: we do not know what to expect to be honest.

Stalls: There will be booze, food and merchandise stalls.

HB: Nice to see a variety in the opening acts as well. But though Boomarang is a great band, don’t you think they stand apart in a show that’s so completely “metal” in all other ways?

Overture: Its high time a band from the North East got a break, They have been ignored even though they are so talented. We thought they deserved it. You should see them live, they are exceptional so what if they are not metal? They are better than most of the monotonous metal bands around.

HB: An Extinct Reflections reunion! How did you manage that?

Overture: I, Arpan Peter have a been a great fan of them since the first time I saw them. They are hands down the best metal Band in the country and people will  know why on 15th May. I think ER are a super group of probably the most talented musicians in the Indian scene. Bands like ER completely deserve this platform and its for the world to judge on May 15th.Recognise Analyze bitches.

HB: Arranging the equipment for LoG must have been quite a task. Did you have any issues with that? How did you cover for it?

Overture: 90% of what they want is available in this country.

HB: Personally, knowing that both of you are major Lamb fans yourselves, do you have any tiny regrets about not being part of the wall of death, and standing backstage instead?

Overture: Regrets? We are with the band for close to 36 hours. Shouldn’t you be jealous you ain’t us??

HB: A few years back, nobody apart from the big names (like DNA) brought down international acts. Of late, we’re seeing smaller groups, individuals and organizations trying to participate in the live concert business. What would you say is the reason for this?

Overture: The market has really opened up and I guess there is a lot of opportunity now for everyone to explore and I guess things will only get better but I guess DNA is why we are where we are. They got all the biggies down and exposed the Indian scene to the International audience. Defining point in the India metal scene has been the First ever Iron Maiden show.

HB: Kudos to the two of you for making this happen! What other stuff have you in store for the metal scene after the Summer Storm Festival?

Overture: To be honest we need a holiday post this. Westlife is next at summer storm 2011.Opening act would be a tribute pop band called Backside Boys 😉

HB: Thanks for the interview, and here’s wishing you luck with the gig. Cheers!