• Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: July 11, 2013

Headbangers India interviews Bangalore’s newest metal sensation, Orchid, about their custom brand of metal, their artwork, their experience at Swarnabhoomi and much more. Read on!


HBI: Hey there! Thanks for talking to Headbangers India! How’ve you all been?

Mayur: Thank you, for having us. We’re good. And quite excited.


HBI: Tell us about how the band came to be. (Right from the part of being the band whose name you abhor, to the debut at Strawberry Fields and all that!)

Mayur: The band has quite a history. We’ve been around for a while. We had a frequently changing line-up of guitarists. At a certain time, when we were known as ‘Blood Orchid’, things weren’t working out. We decided to ‘wipe the blood off’, so to speak. Vinay brought a sponge with him, and his rad guitar playing skills made the band what it is today. Orchid. Played our first show then, at Strawberry Fields 2011.


HBI: Why did you choose to call yourselves ‘Orchid’? Any significance behind that?

Mayur: It’s a nice flower. Greeks considered the flower to be a sign of Virility. Also, a spear called Niernen, translating to Orchid in ancient elven, has the ability to slay dragons and withstand dragon sorcery. I’m all for dragons, though. So scratch that. Rahil says he’d like to have a garden full of them.


HBI: Tell us about the equipment you use.

Mayur: Rahil uses a Warwick Corvette passive bass, and runs it through a Dunlop MXR80 Bass DI unit. Vinay uses the Ibanez Prestige RG 1520 running through the Line 6 Pod HD500. Kaushal sets up 2 microphones on stage and plays lots of other miscellaneous percussive instruments like shakers and tambourines. Sometimes joins me at the drum-kit. It’s quite fun. I use a pair of Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedals and AHEAD Drumsticks.


HBI: “We’re not a metal band entirely”. That’s quite a relief to hear, to be honest! Tell us about your sound, your influences and what it is that makes you different from the “narrow minded extreme faggot metalheads”!

Mayur: We appreciate a wide and ‘strange’ variety of music. Genre, is essentially a joke. Classifying a band, equals putting a band in a box. Most people cannot accept change. Most people cannot ever look at it as music, and not just ‘brotalz’ or just ‘computer muzik’.

A lot of time, effort and understanding goes into creating a distinct sound. And that requires you to be open as a musician, and essentially as a person. All great players were great listeners. And great observers. You need to be able to recognize that certain force that binds us all. And tap into that force. Listening to, and playing music has a lot to do with the way we perceive our reality. It gives us insights into the mind and soul of an artist.

You need to be able to be true to your art. And it should be a reflection of YOU. Our music is jam oriented, as opposed to the usual routes of constructing a song. We keep it simple – ‘What sounds good, is good’. Anything that sounds complex is not us trying hard to make it that way. There are no numbers. It’s just how it naturally comes to us, and we absolutely love it.

We’re constantly attempting to push the ‘limit’ with our music. Constantly trying to transcend barriers.


HBI: Love your artwork! Very abstract though. Who is the artist behind all this? Could you explain to us the general ideas behind some of the artwork?

Mayur: This guy named Mayur Nanda. We don’t pay him much. Most of the art is very open. The possibilities as endless. The viewer is free to experience and imagine whatever he or she likes. Much like the music, there are no restrictions. For Mayur’s perspective, you should ask him in person.

Buy the art! Buy the art! Please, buy our posters at our shows, or call us and we’ll deliver them.

They’re so dirt cheap, you’d be scamming us.


HBI: What are the possibilities of a CD/ album? Can we expect one anytime soon?

Mayur: We haven’t gotten down to planning a full, well mastered release. Still screwing around with our sound, a little. Though, we have gotten in touch with a studio where we will be recording the new song, The Observer. Hopefully that should be done in a month’s time, and ready for hand -outs at all the shows. Yes, indeed.


HBI: I saw an update on Facebook about the band going to Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. Tell us about the experience.

Mayur: Best. Fucking. Thing. Ever. Five days of just being assailed by such great music. Surrounded by musicians who, themselves, are ridiculously good. We learnt quite a bit, just being there. Incredible to say the least. We were in a ’10 to 4 school’ that taught music and nothing else. Absolutely intense. We learnt a lot, not only about the technical aspects of our respective instruments, but also the music concept as a whole, and to respect other musicians, to respect other genres, even the ones you don’t listen to. To sum it all, it was exactly what we needed. Rahil is going to be studying there for the last six months of this year, or more.


HBI: Your genre of music, and the fact that you happened to mention a “terrible history” with organizers prompts me to ask you this cliché question- What are your thoughts on the metal scene in Bangalore right now?

Mayur: No thoughts. At least none we’ll speak of, heh. But, everyone is doing their bit to keep the scene, up and running. We appreciate the few people trying hard, for everyone else to have a good time.


HBI: Any Indian bands that you look up to/ would recommend that people check out?

Mayur: Rosemary. lifafa. Trojan Horse, is a kickass band from Chennai that most people in Bangalore don’t know of. I could be wrong about that. Extinct Reflections, would be great to watch, now. Good old Eccentric. Scribe is kickass. Pangea, from Mumbai are pretty cool, too.


HBI: What’s coming up for Orchid in the next few months? Any gigs or announcements that we can look forward to?

Mayur: Lots of new material. Lots of new sounds. Lots of new art. Just stick around.


HBI: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!