Noble Luke (Blind Image)

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: October 15, 2011

We all know him as the ferocious frontman of Artillerie and now as the newest addition to Chennai’s Blind Image. This month, Madhav from Headbangers India catches up with our Featured Artist Noble Luke to talk about his move to Chennai, ‘Eradefiled’, its follow-ups and more.


HB: Hey Noble, good to have you here. How’ve you been?

NL: Hi there, great to be here on Headbangers India. I am doing great, thanks.


HB: Congrats on joining Blind Image as their new vocalist. How do you like it, playing with the Chennai based thrash/groove band?

NL: Thanks a lot man. I really love it working with these guys. The guys at Blind Image have a very high grade of work ethic, which is something I value very deeply.


HB: You’ll be accompanying the band on their Australian tour as well, right? Congratulations on that as well. That’s pretty big. Tell us a little more about the tour; the bands you’ll be sharing the stage with and the venues and fests (if any).

NL: Well, we are playing the Whiplash Festival, and a few pub gigs in Queensland, Victoria, Sydney, and Canberra. Label mates Dawn Heist will be joining us for a few gigs.

HB: I think the question that’s on the tip of my tongue is how the hell do you manage the 2000km odd commute from New Delhi to Chennai for rehearsals and gigs?

NL: Well, this was the question on the tip of my tongue as well when I spoke to Srikrishna (Blind Image – drummer) for the first time. But I guess the guys had already done the math and were ready with a plan. So our mode of operation at the moment is that I be flown down to Chennai over a weekend which would be filled with jams, recordings, gigs and as many other things as possible to make the most out of the trip.


HB: You’re also the vocalist for Artillerie. We haven’t heard anything new since your debut full length Eradefiled. What’s new with Artillerie?

NL: Well, since the recent exit of Alvin Jose (Guitars), who has moved to Bangkok for about a year for studies, Kshitish Purohit (Ex- Acrid Semblance, Narsil), has joined the band. He is picking up all the songs from Eradefiled, and writing some new material with Raul (Guitars) at the moment. We are also in talks with some people for possible endorsement deals. Let’s see how things go, but one thing’s for certain, we are getting back with a lot more manic and heavy album, and with an even crazier set as soon as possible!


HB: Sounds great! Ok, Luke, talk us through the composing processes for Blind Image and Artillerie. How different/similar is it, and how do you get the creative spark to write the lyrics (especially on Eradefiled)

NL: My writing actually has a lot to do with my personal early morning meditations and brooding. Its usually when I sit down to have my little Q’n’A sessions with God, to mull over life and the living, I feel lifted up on a pedestal above the daily grind of existence and get a chance to explore and understand different perspectives on the way this planet goes about its business. I usually like creating characters and fictional settings while writing lyrics, though I have been thinking of writing stuff where I’d address the listener directly rather than speak through a created character. I am still looking for a tune which would make me want to do that!

HB: How does the metal scene in Chennai compare with what you’ve seen in New Delhi?

NL: Well, I have only played one gig in Chennai so far, and though the crowd wasn’t much in terms of volume (as compared to Delhi) that day, it was a whole lot in terms of being there! I really liked the energy the guys at the show had and was equally impressed with the couple of girls who were not scared of being in the moshpit! I have a feeling that there is a lot more of the Chennai metal crowd that I haven’t seen yet. Oh yes, and the fact that the guys in Chennai are readily ready to pay about 500 bucks to watch two local bands play says volume about their willingness to support the Indian metal scene. Respect.


HB: Who are your biggest musical influences?

NL: My biggest musical influences include guys like Lajon Witherspoon, Bruce Dickinson, Jens Kidman and Phil Anselmo.


HB: Alright, Luke, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. All the best! Cheers!