• Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: March 4, 2013

Headbangers India caught up with lead singer of NALE– Matt Blom, for a session of Q & A about their latest album, their Indian tour and much more. Read on!

HBI: Thanks for taking time out to do this interview! First of all, how are you all doing, and what’s been up!

Matt: We’re getting pumped and ready for India! We’ve just been busy in the Nale HQ finishing up two new songs that we’re actually playing for the very first time just for the Indian metalheads. Hopefully they won’t think it sucks balls.

HBI: You’re just about to embark on your first Indian tour. What are you looking forward to, and what can Indian metalheads expect from your shows?

Matt: Mostly just getting to know the Indian metal culture! Seems like you guys have a very open, inviting and curious approach to all kinds of metal. We haven’t even entered your country yet and we’ve already gotten awesome response from your metalheads online. Regarding our shows they should expect pure f**king energy. I always quote Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on this and he said “If you got the energy to go out drinking all night after a gig then you’ve made a bad gig”. So we try to kill ourselves every night we step out on stage and make sure the audience gets a ninja kick of energy in the face.

HBI: Any stories behind the band name?

Matt:It was just something that came up during a night of drinking and for some reason everyone remembered it the day after so we just went with it! No “funny story” or anything, sadly. Don’t even remember the night the name came up so it probably wasn’t even a funny night besides coming up with the name.

HBI: The band took a break to rediscover your sound, right? How have things changed now, sound-wise, in your album ‘Ghost Road Blues’? How is it different from the Nale we heard in the EPs?

Matt: I’d say that EP version of Nale was chaotic and unfocused in comparison with album-Nale. It had its punky kinda charm to it with the dirty, gritty that was on the EP but album-Nale is a focused unity going 200 mph on a train track. EP-Nale was a lava lamp, album-Nale is a lightsaber. Focused energy, haha!

HBI: Tell us a little more about the new album ‘Ghost Road Blues’.The significance of the title, the themes followed (if any)…

Matt:The name came from our bass player Johan. He’s a zombie nerd and one of his favorite books is called Ghost Road Blues (by Jonathan Maberry) and we thought the dystrophic, dark themes from the songs fitted in well with the name. Ghost Road Blues became the title of being an outcast, walking life’s long road alone and just seeing the world as an evil place.

HBI: Good job with the music video of “Love. Lust. Pain”. Most music videos in the Indian metal scene are DIY projects, where the band and their friends work on it. How did your video come about?Did it make it to mainstream television channels in Sweden?

Matt: Actually the video wasn’t a high budget thing. I called my good friend Leo Josefsson to direct it and he managed to pull it off on a quite small budget. We didn’t even get the lights we rented. They forgot to pack it so we parked a couple of trucks behind the camera, facing the band and then just turned the headlights on! A McGyver kinda way of doing a video, I guess. And sadly there’s no mainstream tv channel here in Sweden that plays any music videos. Not even MTV plays music videos anymore. And that sucks in a way but at the same time, people are only on Facebook and such anyways so you just upload it to YouTube and then you’re ready to go!

HBI: Continuing with the same point… We hear great things about Sweden, and about its thriving rock and metal scene. Many of our favourite bands hail from there! Is this just an outsider’s perspective, or is this really how things are there? Tell us more about the metal/ rock ‘scene’ in Sweden.

Matt: The scene here is sort of a happy crap thing. We’ve got a lot of great bands coming out of this small country but at the same time the scene is over saturated so there’s a lot of bands that don’t get the attention they deserve. And there’s a lot of awful bands stealing that attention away from the good bands. Conclusion: great bands, not so great scene at the moment. And the swedes have been spoiled with good music for so many years now so no one cares about finding new bands anymore. We want to be hand fed by the few rock radio stations. But maybe that’s just my bitter view on it and everything is sunshine flowers in reality, haha!

HBI: What else do you have lined up after the Indian shows? Any other gigs, releases, videos etc coming up?

Matt: Working on new songs as well as trying to expand the Nale territory. We’re an unsigned band doing most of the stuff ourselves in collaboration with our management Bad taste Music Agency. We don’t have the reach and muscle like the labels so it’s a slow process. But hopefully the reward is so much sweeter when we’re handed our bag of candy!

HBI: Time for your shoutout to Indian metalheads, fans, critics and everyone else! Do you have anything to say to all of them?

Matt: We’re gonna sweat or asses of on stage, scream our lungs out, play our arms of and beat the crap out of ourselves and our instruments until we bleed or pass out. We want the fans, critics, your grandmothers and even imaginery friends to join us for what we hope to be something to tell the grandkids. Hopefully it will be nights to remember and you want us back more than once more!

HBI: Thanks so much for the interview! We hope to see you in India soon!