Karthik Ram (ArrowBridge)

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: October 24, 2016

ArrowBridge is an exciting new progressive metal band from New Delhi. We caught up with guitarist Karthik for a quick chat about how the band got together and what makes them tick. Read on…

HBI: Thanks a lot for taking the time off to do this interview with us. Tell us more about ArrowBridge – how you started, how you found each other and what you’re doing now.
AB: ArrowBridge initially did not have a name and was just a home studio project of mine. I had been writing and recording ideas at home for quite some time. I was playing with a band called Crystal Fire at the time. Crystal fire had won an online competition and qualified to participate in Blitzkrieg at IIT Delhi. This is when the line up of ArrowBridge got together. Since we had all known each other for quite some time as we were all in the same school, all I had to do was ask them to play at the competition and they happily obliged. To all of our surprise, we actually won the competition. That is when we decided we should continue playing together and ArrowBridge was formed. By this time, I had composed almost all the songs on the album and sent out a few demo’s to various artists, and to this day I still cannot believe that John Wesley from Porcupine Tree and Cameron Maynard from The Contortionist will be doing guests spots on the album. We grew up listening to and covering Porcupine Tree, it was just surreal when he agreed to do it. Later on, we got in contact with Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor who agreed to produce the album. I still remember fangirling in his studio the first time I went. As of now, we are all set to release our debut album (Sirius) and are waiting eagerly to do so. The band consists of: Kunal Singh (vocals), Karthik Ram and Ankur Tiwari (guitars), Madhav Logani (bass), Anshuman Sharma (keys) and Samarth Agarwal (drums)


HBI: ArrowBridge released a new track this year (Luminescence) with an album in the works. What’s the agenda for the release and what can listeners expect from the album?
AB: There is something for everyone in this album. The songs are a good mix of heavy progressive metal riffs, mellow clean sections, Indian classical vocals, aggressive drums and some clean vocals.

HBI: How does song-writing work in ArrowBridge?
AB: Since I had written most of the songs before the band was even formed. We just jammed on them a little, and tweaked them here and there. Towards the end, two songs were written by inputs given from all of us, and I feel the listener will be able to tell the wide variety of influences (ranging from Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Skyharbor and even BABYMETAL) that went into the songs.

HBI: You’re a young band with members still in school/getting out of school. How easy or hard is it for a young band to make it in New Delhi?
AB: I know it may sound funny but It gets pretty difficult to work around all our coaching classes and various exams that we have at our schools and coaching centres all most all the time. Another problem we faced was that initially, we weren’t allowed to participate in many college competitions as some of us were under 18. But luckily that changed after we won the events at IIT Delhi and IIIT Delhi.

HBI: What are the challenges you face as a band and how are you working around it?
AB: As I am currently in the 12th standard, I am preparing for my board exams. Due to which we haven’t done any shows for quite some time. However, we will be back doing a lot of shows very soon.

HBI: Thats great to hear. So whats next on the horizon for ArrowBridge?
AB: Our first aim is to release our album Sirius, which will be out very soon. Once that’s done we’ll be doing as many shows as we can and write more music. Also, I want people to realise that one’s age isn’t a factor. I got the opportunity to work with the people I considered my idols while working on this album and it was all just like a dream come true.

HBI: Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview with us, Karthik!