• Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: July 13, 2012

A very tongue-in-cheek interview with Witchgoat. Headbangers India claims no responsibility for whatever is being said below. The interview has a lot of cuss words and could in all probability be offensive to some or many. We ask the questions and what the bands say is completely up to them. We don’t take offense and we hope you shall not either. Enjoy the interview.

1. Hailzz goat brothers! A pleasure to have you on Headbangers India. So, let’s begin, how did Witchgoat came to be? Whose brainchild is it and how did all of you get together? And why the ‘goat’?

Witchgoat: Infernal hails toad! Witchgoat came to be after the local mandrake decided to get horny with some……goats. We should actually be called wizardgoat but that sounds stupid. Whoever heard of a wizardgoat? We didn’t just ‘get together’. Do we look like the fucking Beatles? We were summoned by Baphomet herself to play some unholy fucking metal and answer shitty interviews like this one.

2. Witchgoat, by anyone who’s familiar with the local scene, can easily be perceived as a super group. Especially cosidering it’s made  of members from Bevar Sea, Kryptos, Dying Embrace/Shepherd and Culminant. What do you have to say about that?

Witchgoat:  We are not a supergroup. The Avengers are a supergroup (of dicks). We are an entity all on our own. Like the shark in Jaws but with fucking guitars.

3. A lot of people might also believe that Witchgoat maybe just an off shoot of Pillbox 666 (except the ones fortunate enough to have watched you live,of course), as it comprises of the same members. And though Witchgoat is yet to make it big, people kind of know what to expect of you, your thoughts on that?

Witchgoat: Make it big? Ahahaha. The only thing big around here are our meatsicles bitch. What people should expect from us is a fucking chainsaw up their ass.

4. Having been one of the few to have witness your live debut, I have to say you guys look fucking bad ass on stage. Who’s the fashion designer in the band? And how important do you think attire is to a metal band?

Witchgoat: What kind of a fucking question is that? You must be watching too much of America’s Next Crack Model. We don’t look bad ass on stage. We look bad ass even off stage in our fucking underwear.

5. Coming to the music, as Witchgoat is only known as a band with known members and not as a seperate entity itself, what is it that you  guys bring to the table? And how different are you from your other bands?

Witchgoat: We bring dirty fucking rock n roll, Motorhead/Bathory/Venom destruction to your fucking table. That’s what we bring. And what do you mean how different are we from other bands? Simple you toad. We don’t suck dick.

6. Question to Bharad – you enjoyed a fairly successful run with Culminant but unfortunately that was short lived. It’s great to see you back in a band that kicks ass. How does it feel?

Witchgoat: It feels great now that I can hang out with 3 other smelly bastards and smoke some shit and share animal sex stories.

7. Question to Deepak – you are a vital part of several bands, some of them being Bevar Sea, Shepherd, Dying Embrace. And these are some pretty big names. How different is it playing for each of these and how is the time divided amongst them? Does it at times pose itself as a challenge to juggle between bands? And what would you say is the
band you enjoy most playing for?

Witchgoat: Juggling is for circuses. The only juggling I’m interested in is titties. Big fat goatmilk titties. That’s what I enjoy playing for. I divide my time between each titty so I can juggle them like fucking water balloons on a trampoline.

8. Something some older Kryptos fans would be thrilled about is Ganesh and Nolan playing together. Was it something that was always intended or something that happened on the go?

Witchgoat: On the go? This isn’t fucking McDonalds. And old guys getting thrilled about two guys playing together? Get laid you fucks.

9. What does the future hold for Witchgoat? When does Bangalore get to witness you and what awaits the fans when Witchgoat takes stage?

Witchgoat: Why don’t you go fucking ask Michael J. Fox that question. He’ll answer you and probably give you a free blowjob as well.

10. Final thoughts for the readers and fans?

Witchgoat: Yeah. Fuck you!