• Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: September 13, 2011

Recently discovered a really catchy gore grind band called Rompeprop, a 3 piece outfit from Holland who’ve been around for sometime and their music increasing in popularity. Here I talk to frontman Dennis Claus better known as Dirty Dente.
HB: Hey, how’s it going?
Hey hey!! All fine over here man!! Thanks!

HB: Tell us something about your band. The origin,, the influences, the music and the fans.
Well the band is around from 2001. Started off as a 3 piece band with a drummer, guitarist and a singer. We found a bass player after 4 months of rehearsal, by then we had written almost everything for the Menstrual Stomphulk CD. When he came into the band we recorded the CD and did our first few gigs. we played shows only in the Netherlands for like 3 years and recorded 2 full lengths and 1 split with Tu-Carne, after 3 years our singer Steven had to leave the band because of his job and health was also one of the reasons, so we became a 3 piece band again. I took over the vocals and from that point on we also started to play outside the Netherlands, we recorded another split with GUT and also a full length. We played all over the world on festivals and small stages. Now we are writing new stuff for a new album.

HB: What do you have to say about the metal audience at home?
It’s all cool. They are not as crazy as in other countries we play but its always fun because we know so many people so its always party time!!

HB: What are some gore grind/death grind bands you’d recommend?
In Holland I think you mean, well Anal Penatration is a must! Also Cliteater, Skullhog, Rectal Smegma, Grindbashers, F.U.B.A.R. are doing great!!

HB: We have a fest here called Undergrind and we had Putrid Pile play this year. Would you guys ever want to follow suit?
Hell yeah man!!! Would love to come over!! I’m gonna visit Thailand this month for the first time in my life, so its the first time I’m flying that way on the map. Hope we can make it work one day! Would be sick!

HB: Tell us about the equipment you guys use. And what it takes to bring out the sound of Rompeprop.
Well normally we play on the backline from the club, and bring our own amps, I have a Engel Powerball and a pitchshifter on my vocals, our bass player has an ampeg and our drummer never brings is own kit hahaha!

HB: What is your favorite album and what song(s) do you enjoy playing the most?
That’s always hard to tell. I think sound wise Hellcock’s Pornflakes is the most Goregrind CD, but looking at the songs and what I like to play now its from Gargle Cummics, but this can change next month haha!

HB: What festivals would you recommend in Holland, say for a tourist interested in metal?
Well metal it would be: Neurotic Deathfest, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Speedfest in Eindhoven, and looking at Grind 100% Bloodshed Fest, it’s a must!!

HB: And lastly, a word to all the grindheads out there.
Well thanks a ton for the support and this interview! First one in India! Hope that we can play our crap for you at least one time live!! Cheers and beers!! Dirty Dente and Rompeprop!!! STAY GORE!!!!