• Interview by: Krishna Ravi
  • Date: July 20, 2011

Headbangers India caught up with Prashant Mathias of Polarization – a great band coming out of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. He talks about their debut album “Chasing The Light”, their recent tours across the States and their hopes for the future. Read on for more!

Headbangers India: Hey guys, it’s good to have you here on Headbangers India. Congratulations on the release of your fantastic debut album “Chasing The Light”. What expectations did you have of the album and how do you feel about way it turned out?

Prashant: Thank you Krishna! We are really happy about the way the album turned out and it has been accepted really well by our fans, so that’s a great sign for us to keep moving forward. As for the expectations, we just wanted to get the music out everywhere, so we included the EP songs on it as well. The EP was just an effort to promote our songs in the US, so everything was re-recorded to flow like a full length album. But all in all everything worked out fine.

HB: Throw some light on the concept of the album, if any.

Prashant: It’s not really a concept album. However, the songs do flow into each other. So it can be interpreted that way since there are no vocals! It’s completely up to the listener to create what he wants in his mind.

HB: You recently toured across the United States and opened for Animals As Leaders last week. You had also opened for Periphery earlier this year. Tell us about your touring experience and gigging with your favorite bands.

Prashant: Opening for Periphery and AAL was the best thing we ever did. Not only were we able to earn some of their fans, but meeting those guys just inspired us to do better as musicians. I personally have always respected Misha Mansoor as a musician and for being able to do what he did with Periphery and all of his other massive productions with such limited budgets. As for Tosin Abasi, I am a student of his at the moment, so it’s nothing less than a great honor to even be on the same stage! All in all they are the most humble, down to earth people I have ever met. Our other small tours went really well. We are fortunate enough to say that we have not had any financial losses so far, thanks to all our amazing fans who were willing to spend their time and money to come see us and buy our albums and merchandise. So we will be pressing on!

HB: It seems to me that djent (forgive the tag) has been a major trend in metal over the last year or so. Six-string guitars just don’t cut it anymore, do they? Is that why you guys do what you do?

Prashant: Just to make things a little clear, “djent” is not a genre! It’s just the sound of a power chord and a distorted electric guitar! But, unfortunately it seems to have become a genre now. As for six-string guitars, they will never stop being awesome. In fact, our songs Ultrazone, Chasing The Light and Reanimate were composed on a six-string. I play an 8-string guitar in the band because I don’t have to keep changing tunings to get those low notes and it gives me the full range of a six-string to play all the solos and extended chords. There’s a lot of potential with extended range guitars, if you watch players like Charlie Hunter and Tosin Abasi you will know what I mean.

HB: Prashant, not a lot many people know that you were once the guitarist for Chennai metal band Blind Image, before you moved to Los Angeles to study at Musicians Institute. How has the move to the States changed the way you perceive and play music?

Prashant: Sri Krishna and I started Blind Image together back in 2006 and I played on both those albums. I’m really proud of everything we have done and all the success they are getting now. I wish them all the very best! When I left to LA to join MI, I was humbled instantly! The level of musicianship was really high and that set the bar really high for me. I always try to improve my playing and listen to everything with an open mind. MI was the best thing that happened to me musically.

HB: You are a three-piece instrumental band. I for one would love to see you stay that way, but do you foresee the addition of vocals to your lineup? Have you felt the need for a second guitar player, especially when you play live?

Prashant: We seriously doubt the possibility of getting a vocalist unless Devin Townsend wants to sing for us haha! We may or may not get another guitar player depending on the compositional direction in the future. But right now, it seems to work live to a great extent, so we may just remain that way.

HB: What’s next for Polarization? Where do you go from here?

Prashant: As of now, we have a whole bunch of small tours planned out. So our goal right now is to get into our van and get out there and play more and just promote the album as much as possible. We will also be writing new material along the way.

HB: Your friends from Fractalline recently toured India where they were well received. Do you see that as a possibility for the future?

Prashant:  Yeah, for sure, we would love to go play in India. Especially for Tom (drums) and Sebastian (bass), they always love going to new countries and learning about new cultures. India is becoming a new hot spot for big rock bands so hopefully we can come and play there and hang out with you guys in the near future!

HB: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. This is your space to shout out. Cheers!

Prashant: Check out Polarization if you haven’t already! If you like us, pick up a copy of our first full length album “Chasing The Light”! Cheers!