Peter Hasselbrack

  • Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: March 9, 2011

Peter Hasselbrack is the one man machine behind the death metal name Bloodsoaked. He is playing n India for the first ever time at the NYDM Meatfeast in Mumbai. Here he shares with us some of the stuff everyone would wanna know.

HB: Hey Peter, greetings! How do you feel about coming to India?
Peter: I am very excited coming to India, this will be a great experience for me personally and as a musician.

HB: Have you listened to any Indian bands? Any favorites?

Peter: I really only know of Gutslit!

HB: Coming to your music, who are your influences/inspiration?
Peter: I grew up on old-school Death Metal like Obituary, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and others that my music has a more old school feel to it and not very technical. I really try to write good songs and not just jam 30 riffs into a song, I hope to have songs that are memorable and catchy.

HB: And what makes you choose the genre that you play?
Peter: I have always liked heavier music as a kid when I started listening to Kiss in the mid to late 70’s, as well as Black Sabbath, and then Judas Priest and others and it slowly progressed to Death Metal and I just love the pure Power of Death Metal. There is no other kind of music like it.

HB: What are the pros and cons of being a one man band?

Peter: Being in a one-man band is great, I don’t have to worry about others if they can play shows/tours I can do everything my way just the way I want it. Bloodsoaked has always been my vision and I don’t want to let others blur it. It is always easier for a promoter to book just one person than a full band as well so I get offered more shows. The cons of it is that I miss the whole “band” experience and working together and making something as a band and the friendship.

HB: And why did you choose to go solo?

Peter: I looked for members when I first started Bloodsoaked but couldn’t find people with the same vision I had. So I tried doing it solo and have not looked back since.

HB: So, what does Peter do when he’s not Bloodsoaked?
Peter: I work a full time desk/computer job, play video games and watch TV, that is about the extent of my life outside of music…LOL

HB: From your perspective (as a musician), what do you think makes a band click? What does a band need to do in order to make it big?
Peter: All band members need to be on the same page for sure, if everyone wants to do different things it’s not going to work. Making it “big” in Death Metal is not hard as there are not many big bands out there. Promotion, promotion and more promotion, albums, shirts, ads, magazines, tours and more promotion.

HB: India is a country where death metal is relatively new. What do you expect to see here, with respect to the metal scene?
Peter: I really have no idea what to expect, I do know that I have received a lot of email from the crazy fans of India that they are very excited about Bloodsoaked coming. I am hoping to make some new friends and have a killer show.

HB: And finally, a few words from the man himself, to all the people reading this and the ones who are gonna watch you live.
Peter: Thank you to everyone that supports Bloodsoaked and Death Metal in general, without you the scene would be nothing!
HB: Thanks a lot, Peter! Hope you tear the place place apart in Mumbai!

Catch Bloodsoaked live at the NYDM India Meatfeast on Saturday, the 19th of March in B69 in Mumbai along with Exhumation, Gutslit, Atmosfear and more.