• Interview by: Ankit Baraskar
  • Date: March 14, 2011

Bangladeshi thrashers Orator are all set to perform at the Trend  Slaughter fest at Kyra, Bangalore on 19th March, Saturday. So before they do, we bring to you a truly interesting interview with this band. Read on and enjoy the aggression!

HB: Infernal Hails from Headbangers India! How goes it for Orator?

Orator: Hails, Orator is doing great with making new materials and gearing up for the upcoming gig in Bangalore along with Dying Embrace.

HB: Could you introduce the band members?

Orator: Yup, it’s me Skullbearer on vocals, guitars and responsible for lyrical concepts and writing most of the songs. Vritra who is in charge for the dirty bass works and side vocals but he also writes songs for the band. And on the drumming it is the demon Mephistopheles who joined just after the first EP and still causing sonic destruction to the mundane.

HB: Orator is clearly not a band to beat about the bush. Your facebook and myspace has words like “tantric” in the description. Could you please tell us about the non-musical influences that drive the band and fuel the lyrical content? Are there any social/political aspects to it?

Orator: In brief, the unorthodox left hand tantric extremism and similar aspects from the Qlipoth tree of death worship are the main conceptual standpoints of the band. The orations are conjured up in a notion of preaching the tones of anti demiurgic gnosis, cosmic destruction and burning paths of self becoming.

HB: And what about musical influences? Which bands/artists have helped forge Orator’s sound?

Orator: Orator has inherited the sounds from the undying legacy of our forefathers who cursed relentlessly us with their sacrilegious and obnoxious tones. And to speak of a few are Grotesque, Inverted, Sorcery, Necrovore, Old Napalm Death, Megaslaughter, Carnage, Razor, Onslaught and the other immortal ones.

HB: What motivated you to play thrash? Most bands nowadays would search for a modern sound instead of old school.

Orator: Thrash is the origin of so called modern “sound” and we would rather avoid the trends. Orator lives for preaching the ancestral tones and concepts. Hence the profane copulation between the death and thrash were deemed necessary. Death to trends and their promoters!

HB: Tell us something about the metal scene in Bangladesh. How hard/easy was it to get your album recorded and to put it out in the market?

Orator: Metal scene in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka started long back in the late 80’s to early 90’s with the rise of heavy metal bands like Rockstrata, Rock Brigade and  Phantom Lord. And with the first release of Rockstrata, all hell broke loose upon the Bangladeshi metal heads back then. Now the scene has grown and many good musicians are coming up. Soon we hope to have a internationally active metal scene down here since many truly underground international bands have already visited us. Thanks to  them for their supports and encouragements.

Yes the recording for the EP was a total hard work especially for me and Vritra and it lasted for six months in total though of course we had full scale support from our sound engineer Maamar and others. But it was fun and looking forward to it once again.

HB: How does the songwriting process work in Orator?

Orator: Song writing is done with total contribution from the trio. We share our ideas with each others and everyone has his inputs on the final outcome. So, it’s a mutual effort.

HB: How did you guys end up forming the band? Was it always this same lineup, or did it take time to become stable?

Orator: If you mean Orator, then no its not the same lineup because we have had loads of troubles while finding and retaining drummers until we met our blood brother Mephistopheles. Its me and Vritra who are the founder member of Orator. But, Orator was active with another name before, Barzak and it was with a total different lineup with me in common though later Vritra joined in.

HB: You guys are playing Kyra on 20th of March. Your thoughts on that?

Orator: I have heard good things about the theater from Sandesh and really looking forward to perform on that theatre and of course thanks to Sandesh and others for their hard works on booking the place.

HB: Any Indian bands you plan to check out/meet while you’re here?

Orator: Dying Embrace, one of the pioneer of Old School Death metal act in this part of Asia. We are really excited about finally being able to share the stage with this legend. Thanks to Vik.

HB: Thanks for the time guys, anything you’d like to holler out to the metal fans reading this out there? Feel free to rant, this is your space.

Orator: Alright, keep up the good work brother and wait for the live crematoration in Bangalore!

HB: Hope you guys have a great show in Kyra, see you there!

Orator: Thanks and see you.