• Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: August 16, 2010

HellenniumWe caught up with the guys from Swedish metal band Hellennium for one hell of an interview! Check out this Headbangers India Exclusive as we talk to them about their music, their album, their live shows and more.

HB: Hey Hellennium, good to have you here. How’re you guys doing?

Khaled: Alive and kicking ass.

HB: Tell us more about Hellennium, the band and the members.

Martin: Hellennium is the soundtrack to the battlefield of life. Everyone who is fighting for something real in life will relate to our lyrics, and all who believe in heavy metal, will find their hearts in our music.

Khaled: I sometimes sing between the screams, but that’s not important.

HB: Hellennium has recently started recording their debut full length album, if I’m correct. Tell us more about the album. What can we expect from it?

David: The best album the world has seen!

Khaled: We will make women ovulate on the date of release.

HB: That sounds awesome! I can’t wait. Ok, tell us about the composing process behind the songs.

Martin: This album has 6 years in the making. This is not just an album, but our very own lives. I am sure you will be able to smell the stench of the blood we have shed on the way of bringing these songs to all of you!

HB: Any particular themes/concepts behind the music?

Khaled: That nothing is impossible, even immortality is attainable, if the cause of your fight is true enough to guide and lead people straight into the beating heart of truth and freedom!

HB: What are the band’s influences?

Martin: Life itself.

David: We are doing the music that we ourselves wish to hear.

Khaled: As my brothers said, “life itself”, and the low lives that made it possible to produce such heavy and raw lyrics like for an example; ‘Blood On The Walls”\’. Well, you get the message…

HB: Hellennium has shared the stage with Sabaton, Wolf and other internationally renowned heavy metal bands. Which would be the band’s best show to date?

Martin: For me, it is always all the open air shows. Living your dream, whilst the wind is blowing in your hair. Life does not get any better than that. Period. Talking about shows, I have a funny story for you all. On the ‘Blood On The Road’ tour 2009, the band was just a blink of an eye from living up to the name of the tour literary whilst escaping death on the highway two times!

David: It´s hard to choose, but I would have to say our show in Stockholm last year

Khaled: Same as David’s choice

Linus: I think I’ve to say Borås. It was my first headlining gig with Hellennium and I associate a lot of emotions and experiences with that evening; however I believe our best live performance was delivered in Stockholm.

HB: With such a rich history of touring and playing live shows, I’m sure you have loads of advice and tips about life on the road. Would you care to share anything for our readers?

David: Never leave a guitarist alone in his hotel room…

HB: Ha ha, sounds like an interesting story! Any words for your fans here in India?

Martin: Once we land on Indian soil, you will never forget our show.

David: We will never let you down!

Khaled: I am actually looking forward to play in Asia because I know how much you fight for heavy metal down there (trust me, I know, I am Lebanese)

HB: Thank you for your time, Hellennium, we wish you all the best with the album, and we look forward to having you play here in India. Cheers!

Martin: Hail to India!

David: Cheers!

Khaled: Keep the fire in your eyes and Stay Hell

Dave: May the force be with you!