• Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: February 27, 2013

Exhumation are one of the oldest and the kvltest death metal bands from in India. This brute force of a band has been dormant for a while and they are going to make their big comeback at the return of one of the most underground festivals – Domination Death Fest. Having 3 releases to their credit and a host of shows, they’re easily the band one would most look forward to. So, consider this .

HB: Greetings guys, how’s it going? Been a long time, what’s been happening?
Hi! It’s going very well. We all have been busy with other things but we’re back to play this show because it’s Domination – The Deathfest!

HB:The band has been dormant for a while, what happened there? And tell me about Yash’s departure.
Like I said, we had other things to do. Everybody is in other bands and work kills all of us. Yash’s departure… made way for Viru’s arrival!

HB:So, on to business. Domination Deathfest returns. What do you have to say about that? And how did Exhumation’s return come about?
It’s fucking great, man. I was getting sick of all the limp-wristed shows; this is some heavy shit right here. Riju (Dasgupta, Albatross bassist) got in touch with us and said “Nitin Rajan is bringing Domination: The Deathfest back so you guys better fucking play.” And we were like, “Oooh… OKAY!”

HB:What do you have to say about the metal scene in Mumbai as of now? And how has it evolved from a few years back?
Er… let me not say anything bad. The Mumbai bands… hop really well. The evolution is going to begin now that Domination – The Deathfest is back!

HB:Back to the gig, what do you guys have in store for the big day? Also are you gonna be selling your CDs/merchandise?
Exhumation is too brutal to bother with merch, bro. Prashant has finalized a killer setlist and Nephalist Recordings will have Solar Deity T-shirts and CDs on sale.

HB: Run the readers through a brief history of the band, for not everyone is well acquainted with Exhumation as they ought to be.
I’ll tell people what they need to know: we are a brutal death metal band and we have three releases – Among The Dead, For Personal Consumption Only and Consider This.

HB: What is the new line up like? And how does the line up change make a difference to the band? What next for Exhumation?
It’s not really new because P-Man and Viru joined us in 2011. Prashant Shah, as everybody already knows, can make the earth turn the other way round with his riffs, and with P-Man and Viru we are going to crush everything.

HB: Lot of people looking forward to the gig and your return, your words for the fans and readers?
Have you guys seen the other bands on the fucking bill? Gutslit, Witchgoat, Insane Prophecy, Atmosfear, Orion and the surprise guest band… the place is gonna be butchered!

HB: Have a great show!
Thank you!