Ankit Sinha (Infernal Dominion)

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: March 1, 2011

Imageme1HB: Hey Ankit, what’s up, how’re thing’s going with you?

AS: Hello Madhav, things are going alright at my end. Just getting all geared up for a few upcoming endeavors. I hope that everything is doing well with Roadcrew Records and Headbangers India, my friend.

 HB: Yes, everything’s going great. Thanks! Ok, Infernal Dominion, Brutal Existance, Atmosfear Netzine… These are only some of the ventures you’re associated with. Talk us through all that keeps you occupied nowadays.

AS: Well, Infernal Dominion was a devious entity which I had been planning to unleash since late 2008 in the form of an extreme metal e-zine, solemnly devoted to support the best sounds of the extreme metal underground. It was due to the support of one of my best friends – Gautam Shankar (Dormant Inferno), that I was able to substantiate this plan in early 2009, albeit we had a few issues to get our domain and an endless database. So we decided to unravel our gruesome ideas onto a blogger page and it’s pretty good as well!  Both of us continued to contribute our works in the form of unbiased reviews and some really captivating interviews with bands such as Incantation, Disgorge, Haemorrhage, Septycal Gorge, Defeated Sanity etc. I also extend my thanks to fellow writers Eston Browne (Animals Killing People, Humanity Falls, USA) and Tushar Meshram who have taken out their precious time to publish their articles on the zine.

The sole purpose of this e-zine is to unleash some of the best talents around in the underground metal scenario by our heart felt reviews, which are always very descriptive, with an aim to give the reader a perfect idea about the musical constituents which they should expect from a particular album. And we are glad that a lot of our reviews have actually allowed many readers to get enlightened about some excellent releases.

As far as the Atmostfear Netzine is concerned, it’s a new e-zine/record label/management entity from Portugal who had approached me last year to contribute for their website and I happily agreed. It’s a very professionally done zine, designed by Alex who is also the owner of Atmostfear Productions and he has done a lot of work behind the website. I hope to contribute more of my ideas for them soon and wish them all the luck for their future!

HB: You are the RJ on Brutal Existance Radio, USA? Great! What kind of music do you play and is there any promotion involved for Indian bands?

AS: Yes, I am the only Indian/Asian RJ on this great internet metal radio and really feel privileged to be a part of their family. Brutal Existence Radio was brought into existence by Fowler Doxey from Virginia, USA in 2008 with a great initiative to bastardize the net-hell with some uncompromising brutality in form of pure metallic aural terror. Since then, the radio station has made a firm notch in the underground with a list full of RJ’s playing various styles of metal and punk (except nu-metal, metalcore, deathcore and similar abominations). I was offered a chance to become an RJ on their station by Elizabeth Stephenson – who happens to be one of the best and most dedicated metalheads I have ever known. She is herself an RJ on Brutal Existence and hosts two incredible shows called as ”Ulven” – A show dedicated to pure black metal mayhem and ”Downtune Despondency” – A show devoted to the doom metal underground.

So, the stage was set and after a week of test checks, I was ready for a grand debut. The first ever extreme metal radio broadcast from India! And boy, it was such a colossal affair with tons of listeners and people from so many places flooding up the station chatroom, posting their requests.

Since then, there has been no looking back and Infernal Dominion has also made a notch on the station and the metal hell as one of the perfect places to dig brutal, obscure and underground music. My show specializes in old school death metal, bestial black metal (more of the Beherit, Blasphemy, Black Witchery league), *good* modern death metal, extreme doom metal and grind (varying from old crust induced grind to porno/gore).

Now I want to make one thing pretty clear that I don’t play or promote any music according to its place of origin. All I need is good, uncompromising and extreme music. So it doesn’t matter that if the band is hailing from India or Antartica. If the band is good, I will definitely extend my support to it. So far, I have promoted bands like Dormant Inferno, Gutslit, Gorified, Dying Embrace, Gruesome Malady and a few other deserving mentions on my show. Hope to hear more bands following the bestial route from our country.

All fellow extreme metalhead should check out Infernal Dominion on Brutal Existence Radio – Every Saturday – 7.30 PM – 9.30 PM IST through this link – http://www.brutalexistenceradio.com/

 NYDMIndiaHB: You’re the vocalist/lyricist of the Norwegian funeral doom band Mul. For those of us who haven’t heard it, talk us through the band and the music.

AS: MÜL is actually the brainchild of an amazing yet unknown musician – Knut Farstad from Norway who had created this project way back in 2001 as a channel to unleash his love for the abysmally downtuned side of metal and so far, he has released 5 full lengths under this monicker. Though things got a bit ruined for him when he had to abandon the usage of harsh vocals due to a severe bronchitis attack a few years back and hence, he decided to keep the project as an instrumental entity. The last album which he released was ”Rites of Doom” way back in 2008, which is certainly a masterpiece with an all instrumental funeral/progressive doom attack.

I got to know about MÜL via Doomstermaniac Blog and I was very impressed with the above mentioned album. The absence of vocals on this record kind of spirited me to do my own vocal and lyrical rendition and hence I started working on the album opener ”Methora” – A sombre collection of drowning and melancholic doom laden enigma.

Knut heard my work and he decided to recruit me as a fulltime vocalist for his project and also bestowed the task of writing the sorrowful poetries for all the songs. Now, I am currently working on an arduous yet spectacular task of re-recording ”Rites of Doom” with my vocal and lyrical renditions. The album features 5 tracks (One of them being an instrumental interlude), out of which I am almost done with 2 and would be weaving my creative ideas for the rest 2 in the upcoming months. So all fans of death/funeral doom should be looking forward for this unique collaboration.

HB: Tell us about NYDM. What are the goals of NYDM as an organisation?

AS: NYDM here stands for the ”The New York Death Militia” – An organization which was started way back in 1987 by Will Rahmer (Mortician), Randell Salmon (Decomposed, USA) with the purpose of starting a metal club to spread the existence of the music ahead.  They envisioned a unity of the strongest and most loyal group of people as an NYDM family. Randell Salmon ran things from the other side of the tracks with guys like Jeff Riemer (Morpheus Descends) (R.I.P), Mike DeJesus, Dante S, Matt Sicher (R.I.P.)–first Mortician drummer, Jeff Wolfe, along with Joe Hollow and our NYC brother Tomas Pascual (Metal Maniacs / Ubernoise Productions). Since then, NYDM is definitely one of the largest metal organizations in the world with various established and prospecting chapters in USA, Europe and even in Asia.

The New York Death Militia is an alliance of friends that work together in order to create a stronger and more unified underground scene. A network of individuals helping each other promote shows, independent record labels, bands, each others individual businesses, etc

The group emphasizes on (but is not restricted to) death metal. It’s a coalition for those into extreme music and it’s equally demanding lifestyle.

Now I feel proud to start a chapter in India and look forward to solidify our underground scenario with a very dedicated mindset. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the group but then they are made by those people who are not really aware of the group’s functioning. But then, haters are everywhere, in every field and they only make oneself more dedicated to answer back with great results.

HB: NYDM is organising Meatfest 2011, if I’m right. Is this the first official event done by NYDM India? What does the India chapter of NYDM aim to achieve?

AS: Yes you are right, The MeatFeast 2011 is the first official event totally carried by NYDM India and we are very elated to put this event forward to bludgeon the masses with a slab of sickness and morbidity. Previously, NYDM India had also supported and powered the only black metal fest from India – The Black Metal Krieg, Mumbai and it was a good affair.

But the MeatFeast 2011 is going to be a monumental affair for the Mumbai/Indian underground since its the first time that a well known international death metal act – Bloodsoaked is headlining the fest along with a few other local extreme metal bands. The event is slated to happen on 19th of March at B69, Andheri in Mumbai and we are eagerly looking forward to create a mayhemic impression with it.

The goals of our chapter are simple and very straight forward: We aim to promote and support the Indian scenario with many such similar gigs and create a new wave of extreme metal in India. NYDM India is now also supported by Infernal Dominion Distro which was started with a purpose to provide the best taste of the international underground to our fellow deprived metalheads, through which they can avail original CD’s/Vinyls and Merch from great international labels. We have just concluded with our first ever distro for Ibex Moon Records – A great label headed by my very good friend John McEntee from Incantation and we simply can’t thank enough to him and all our customers for making it a great affair.

The future does seem bright and we would never shy off from doing our part for the scene’s upliftment.


HB: What music are you listening to nowadays? Anything new that’s keeping you interested?

AS: I have been back on The Chasm worship these days. A horde which is definitely one of the best and most visionary ones which the underground has ever spawned. Daniel Corchado is godly and I worship his colossal artistic ideas, which he paints in a wide spectrum of colors on his canvas of doom!

HB: Oh, The Chasm is fantastic. Always a great listen.

AS: Apart from that, I have been listening a lot of Necros Christos who are another very favorite band of mine. Mid paced, occult induced death metal which sounds like none other! Eagerly awaiting the release of their much anticipated second full length – ”Doom of the Occult” which should be released in April this year.

Then some old classic albums by Unleashed and other bands like Axis of Advance [killer militaristic death metal, featuring James Read (Revenge, Conqueror) and two members from Sacramentary Abolishment], Teitanblood (No description required!), Cenotaph (Mex) etc.  I have also been digging some neo-folk like Death in June and Of the Wand and the Moon. Great music! Then my favorite funeral doom albums by Mournful Congregation and Ataraxie were on the playlist as well.

HB: Thanks a lot for your time, and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

AS: Thanks a lot for your interest in my works mate. I also wish you all the good luck for your future work. Cheers!