Angelus Apatrida

  • Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: February 27, 2011

Angelus Apatrida are one of the biggest bands to have risen to power in the last decade. With three albums under their belt, they have made their way into the heart of every thrash metal fan out there. Here we talk to frontman Guillermo Izquierdo, as he tells us about their journey so far, the scene at home, and a prospective visit to India (organizers pay attention).

HB: Hey guys,how are you doing?
AA: Hey! Pretty well, just working in the Spanish tour and preparing the new European adventure!

HB: Well, to start off, what’s the story behind the name Angelus Apatrida?
AA: Well, the name of the band mixes Latin and Spanish language and it can be translated into English as “renegade or stateless angels”, Alberto, the former drummer was the creator of this name, we didn’t like the name in the first days but finally we liked it as it’s a less commercial name in the world!!! Hahaha

HB: One question I would want to ask,why thrash? What makes it so special?
AA: Thrash is more than music, is our way of life! We started playing metal almost 11 years ago, and year by year our music was harder and faster as finally we started to record the first album. We never thought to play thrash metal, just our music and attitude made it, we are not into thrash because of this “new wave”, we are playing it for 11 years!

HB: Tell us something about what goes into making your music,and the journey so far.
AA: We always try to do our best making new music, we just want to make the perfect song for us, what we want to hear from a new band! Mixing it with external influences can be make a good idea for new music!

HB: Who would be your inspiration/influences? (musically and otherwise)
AA: We all grew up with bands like Iron Maiden, Testament, Pantera, Sepultura, Metallica, Slayer… maybe they are our biggest influences, but we have influences from other bands, even non metal bands, or new bands like Gojira, Lamb Of God… other things like injustice, wars, violence, politicians… make our music more aggressive!!

HB: So, have you heard of/listened to any Indian bands? If yes,which ones?

AA: No, we haven’t! But we are gonna search some Indian metal bands right now, we promise!

HB: Would you consider touring India and playing a few shows here sometime?
AA: It would be fucking awesome!! We consider touring any corner of the world, and touring India would be incredible!!

HB: Tell us something about the metal community in Spain. How are the fans,the bands and the moshpits?
AA: The Spanish metal scene is incredible, bigger than ever! We have a lot of great bands and tons of new young bands playing thrash metal like maniacs! The crowd is awesome too, the best we know!! Take a look to this bands: Crysys, Aggression, Legen Beltza, Moho, Avulsed, Unsouled,etc.

HB: What’s new with Angelus Apatrida? Another album in the pipeline?
AA: No, for the moment we are on the road just playing alive, we are into a huge Spanish tour with more than 40 dates, and we are touring Europe from 18 Feb till 11 march, then tour again in Spain and play some summer festivals, then let’s see what happens!

HB: Finally a word from you to all the thrash fans out there.

AA: Hey you! If you like to thrash like a maniac, check us and listen to our new album Clockwork, thrash metal from Spain!! A big hello to all Indian metalheads!!!

And for those of you who haven’t checked out this epic band yet, here’s a teaser
Angelus Apatrida – Blast Off