Inner Sanctum – Band Of The Year 2009

  • Interview by: Subhramani Sathyanarayan
  • Date: December 10, 2009

Victory at GIR and iRock, a headlining position at the Deccan Rock Festival and lots more. No other band has achieved as much as Inner Sanctum has in one year. Here we proudly present the Indian ‘Band Of The Year’ – Inner Sanctum.

HB: You’ve just been selected as Headbangers India’s ‘Indian Band of the Year’. Give us your comments. How eventful has 2009 been for Inner Sanctum?

Chintan: Band of the year! Thanks a ton! If you expect anything in return, let me make this clear. We are a poor band and we like women!
Michael: 2009 brought us our first headlining show, our first release (and a good one at that), our I-Rock victory and our first GIR… Oh, and the perfect line up. Further, we just headlined Strawberry Fields 09, NLS and we also get to share stage with Textures and Amon Amarth. It’s been a good year!

HB: Congratulations on releasing your debut EP ‘Provenance’. How has the response been so far?
Chintan: Provenance has been the best decision we’ve taken so far. It’s created a positive buzz all over and with awesome reviews coming up on Rolling Stone, Metalstorm, Kvltsite, Metal Underground, Headbangers India etc. We are more than pleased. With regard to sales, we’ve just ordered our second batch of CDs, and it’s just been 3 months. That says it all.
Gaurav: Provenance is definitely the band’s biggest achievement by far. Recording, finalizing and then releasing a CD was much tougher than we thought but was a great learning experience. The response has been awesome so far. Although I am sure everyone may not have enjoyed it as much as the rest… But then again it’s very hard to please lame people ha-ha.

HB: The whole recording was kept extremely secretive. Any particular reasons? How did you guys suddenly come up with the idea of recording an EP?
Chintan: Provenance wasn’t really an impulsive thing. We didn’t decide one day, out of the blue that we needed to record an EP. It was definitely something we had on the back of our minds. The only issue was finding the right time and the right amount of resources. When we had both, we decided to start work on Provenance. Our only condition was that we wouldn’t stop till the damn thing was international quality. We had to raise the bar, we had to get it to sound like it just came out from some massive record label. To a large extent we’ve succeeded.
Why was it kept a secret? Coz it’s more fun that way! I remember the first time I gave a few friends of mine a sneak preview of Provenance. it blew them away.. and to a large extent it was because of the fact that they had no clue that this was coming their way.
Michael: Haven’t you heard of those big budget Hollywood movies that keep everything hush hush? Well we did the same thing.  It got you guys excited didn’t it? Well apparently Bobbins (Abhinav) had this dream where Mario Duplantier (Gojira’s drummer, for you losers who don’t know) slapped him as he couldn’t play “Remembrance” right. And so he awoke and said (with the same dramatic look in all his photos), “We must make an EP”

HB: We heard that the EP was mastered in Germany. Do tell us more!
Michael: Yeah we like zee Germans, so we figured they would be our best choice. Plus we all share the same ideals. Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten!!  😀 (We’re joking, that’s just a reference to South Park).
Gaurav: It was mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert of LSD studios Germany. LSD studios is the best decision we have ever made. Lasse’s sound made us release our man juices in our pants. So all the eargasm that you have been experiencing currently is because of him.

HB: Any funny incidents or madness from the recording sessions that you’d like to share with us?
Michael: Well, Headbangers India don’t have one of those, “Enter if you’re over 18” warnings before you can view the site, so next question.
Gaurav: Tonnes, I think we should just upload the videos of “THE GAY ADVENTURES OF INNER SANCTUM” and let you people decide. Obviously after that, people will no longer come to our shows and we will then have to sue Headbangers India for it.

HB: Which is your personal favourite song from the album? Any specific reasons for that choice?
Chintan: I would have to say Agent Of Chaos. It probably best expresses where Inner Sanctum is now, musically. It’s got all the elements that make us what we are today.
Gaurav: Agent Of Chaos. Because I named the song, the rest of the songs have shitty names thanks to Chintan Chinnappa who is supposedly, and I quote “Lawyer by day, wolverine by night, mwhahahaha.”

HB: Congratulations on your recent spree of wins. First I-Rock, then the performance at GIR. How was the reaction of the Mumbai crowd? Can we expect another win at Mood Indigo soon?
Chintan: Cheers. Yeah, both I-Rock and GIR have been really memorable for us. Honestly, we didn’t do I-Rock to win, as unbelievable as it may sound the fact that we had an opportunity to do Mumbai itself was reason enough to play…. Winning was just a bonus.
We’re doing Mood Indigo only coz Porcupine Tree is playing on the 21st. Again, if we do make the finals or win, it’s just a bonus.. We’ll just gun it. If we win, super. If we don’t we have Porcupine Tree 😛
Gaurav: Pssst… Let this be our little secret… We paid the judges. 😛 But on a more serious note, yes, this year we have worked hard and had our share of good luck and I think the results act as proof to this. Mood-I eh. Quick give me the judge’s number, must bribe them too, before some deserving band takes away our unfair advantage!!

HB: What can we expect from Inner Sanctum five years from now? (Please don’t tell us someone’s going to write GRE!)
Michael: Ha-ha, no GRE’s we aren’t that smart.  I guess we would need to find a new bassist as I might be too obese to play onstage. Basu would definitely die of food poisoning. If you covered dog shit with chocolate sauce, he would eat it. Bobbins would be totally deaf and wouldn’t be able to follow the guitars. Rajeev would be a bum living on the streets in his tube amp cab. And Chintan would still be playing his guitar in the jam room, even though no one would be around.
Gaurav: 5 years from now – Rajeev will still be trying to clear engineering, Chintan will be conning people and draining their bank accounts, Michael will be on the quest for tele-shopping products that make man breasts disappear within seconds, Abhinav will still be under the impression that you can buy an IQ and will go hunting for it at Chor Bazaar. And I will be a billionaire, dating the hottest models, drinking the finest liquor and be the proud owner of the Guinness Record for the largest penis in the world.

HB: Inner Sanctum was always one of the better bands at competitions, but you guys lost out a couple of times to “other” groups, and we repeatedly saw rock bands win over metal bands. Any comments on that?
Chintan: None whatsoever. They were better on that day and they won. We don’t care. we do shows to have fun and we don’t regret losing to these “other” groups.
Michael: The only reason the other bands win is because they sabotaged the equipment after they finish. 😛 . Anyway on a serious note, we don’t really care if we are beaten by a rock band or an electronica band. It doesn’t really matter to us as long as the crowd enjoyed the show. The only reason we like winning is coz you can make a quick buck. Yes, we are a greedy band, so now go buy our merchandise if you have not already, and give us your money.

HB: Your comments on the live music scene in your city. Though Bangalore is the metal capital of the country, do you think you’d have better opportunities as a band if you were in a place like Mumbai?
We are not in Mumbai so we can’t say. But thankfully we aren’t in Mumbai as Chintan would never make it to the jam room with the traffic and we would be constantly be late for all gigs. We loved the Mumbai crowd but Bangalore will always be home to us. The scene might be a little fucked right now but its developing. And the best thing to do is look forward, coz Basu just took a dump back there.
Gaurav: Firstly, we are a Bangalore band, and always will be. Bombay is awesome no doubt but we love playing here and Bangalore will always be closer to our hearts than any other town. However the local scene has a long way to go honestly. There is talent but no one has the time to sit and craft songs that are at par with what’s happing on a global level. For it to become a full fledged scene that’s recognized globally, it’ll take another decade or so. But otherwise loads of international bands are coming down which is a great sign.

HB: This is your celebrity moment! How about some inspirational words to your fans…
Chintan: If you’re reading this interview and think that this is the lamest part of the interview, I agree with you!
Michael: Oops, brain fart. I had something really brilliant and inspirational to say to all the young kids reading this. Oh well.
Gaurav: Hello. To all the underage guys, drink and do drugs, “it’s cool.” To all the older guys, have unprotected sex. It feels waaaay better, condoms are for pussies, Women suck, they are all whores, the only good woman is a quiet one and the only way to keep her quiet is to stick your dick in her mouth. Spit, litter, kick stray dogs. It’s just so much fun…
If you agree with any of this, you are a scumbag and if I see you at our show, I will personally come off stage and beat the shit out of you.