Hannes Braun (Kissin’ Dynamite)

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: April 20, 2015

A few weeks back, German sleaze/glam metal sensations KISSIN’ DYNAMITE rolled into my town. I caught up with charismatic vocalist Hannes Braun for a few quick words about the band and the music

HBI: First, I’d like to congratulate you on the success of your latest album Megalomania, which peaked at #17 in the German charts. What you started Kissin’ Dynamite in 2006, did you expect the success you have now?

HB: Well, back then I wanted to be a rock-star! No matter what! But now, I’m really happy and I think the band is growing bigger and bigger! That makes me smile a lot these days!

HBI: Next year will be 10 years of Kissin’ Dynamite. In 9 years, you’ve released 4 extremely successful full length albums and have played shows across Europe and Japan. What’s next for the band?

HB: Conquer the rest of the world! No seriously, we want to reach even more people and we keep working hard! We will play a few giant festivals this summer and we’re still on tour right now, so we give our best to deliver awesome live shows first. Then we might think about something else like touring a new continent maybe…

HBI: That sounds great! From the talent show ‘Star Search’ to ‘Blues Kids’ to ‘Kissin’ Dynamìte,’ how has the journey been for you?

HB: It is an exciting life that I live and I don’t regret anything. Not even the casting show. Everything somehow was a puzzle piece that would make my dream become more complete. I don’t know what’s next but I’m excited as hell for it!

HBI: The music as well has changed with the years – from ‘Lets Get Freaky’ (Steel Of Swabia, 2008) to ‘DNA’ (Megalomania, 2014). The song ‘Fireflies’ from Megalomania to me, reflects a very different, ‘mature’ Kissin’ Dynamite. How has the song-writing and approach to music changed over the years within the band?

HB: Of course, it did change, because we started as a school band. Our songs were very simple and catchy. They are still catchy now but also more serious and adult. It has become clearer that the main songwriters of the band are me and Andi. I mostly compose the music and he writes the lyrics. It’s like a runnin’ motor.

HBI: Kissin’ Dynamite has also had the same lineup from the start – something which is not too common today where band members leave and move around very often. Tell me more about working with Andi, Steffen, Ande and Jim.

HB: They are my brothers. Every one of them. I don’t want anybody to leave the band and I hope we stay together till the bitter end. I think a band is as true as their members are and everyone of us loves the band.

HBI: A few other interviews of the band mention a great support network from your family members. How much has that helped you and the band reach where you are now?

HB: Well, when we started we were at the age of 11 and 12 years. We couldn’t drive on our own to rehearsals or gigs, so we needed our parents to do it. And of course, our first manager was also my father. The support in a family is extremely important!

HBI: Yes, you are absolutely true. There are so many bands and musicians who do not reach where they want to because of lack of support. Okay, Hannes, coming to your influences. What were your influences growing up and have they changed over the years, reflecting the music you play today?

HB: Our influences are based on 80s hard rock bands such as Scorpions, Guns’n Roses and AC/DC to name a few. We have grown up listening to these bands because of our parents for sure. But we’ve mixed it up with electro sounds from the 2000s. Both are part of our musical identity.

HBI: And what’s next for Kissin’ Dynamite? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

HB: Hopefully in stadiums, arenas and Ferraries!

HBI: Thank you for your time, Hannes. And I hope we get to meet once again in the future at a Kissin’ Dynamite concert! Prost!

Kissin' Dynamite - Dornbirn