Gurdip Singh of Gutslit (November 2010)

  • Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: November 4, 2010

For the month of November we bring you the brutal bassist of Mumbai based Slam/Grind band Gutslit,who have accomplished a great deal in the Indian and International underground scene. Read on to see what one of the most respected and looked up to bass players in the country has to say.

HB: Firstly, how has the journey with Gutslit been thus far? What are the things you really give yourself credit for and what do you think needs improvement, if at all
Gurdip: Gutslit is like my, Nikhil’s and Dynell’s way of channelizing our talent onto our instruments and coming out with something that would make every fan, listener and an Indian proud. I don’t give myself credit for anything out of the way. I just played my heart out for something that the whole world Headbangs on today. Improvements never stop. We are constantly pushing ourselves here to be better musicians individually and Gutslit to be one of the finest Metal acts to be out there.

HB: You guys have played a lot of shows, shared the stage with bands like Putrid Pile, where do you like playing best? And why?
Gurdip: Sharing stage and playing with bands like Putrid Pile, Lacerate and others is a great experience all together. Passion and the love for Music runs in their blood just like ours. There is no specific place that I personally love playing at, but of course some places have that atmosphere that just makes you strike every note with more aggression and headbang even more.

HB: Describe your bass playing. Your influences, if there’s any particular style you follow, and your sound on stage, and your equipment?
Gurdip: I don’t go for any unique style of playing, the sound and the final feel of it matters more to me. My influence is anybody and everybody who plays an instrument out there. I try learning from everyone I can. People unknowingly or out of their hard work come out with amazing compositions and feel. My sound on stage, for Gutslit is more on the Treble side, with high Drive and an adequate Bass to give it a full body feel. My equipment for Gutslit comprises of just my Ibanez BTB 475, my Sansamp Tech 21 DI Box and my Fender rumble.

HB: You’re a Sardar and you play bass for a slam/grind band. How does the hair come into the whole picture?
Gurdip: I just live two very different lives at the same time. I try to respect both and never mix the two. The hair is secondary, the religion doesn’t even preach what the lyrical content of the music portrays. So it’s more of two extreme ends that I balance day in and out. It kind of gets hectic sometime. But the love for both, makes you live your two faced life.

HB: Would you like to share some hair care tips? Cause hair that long is usually a rare sight.
Gurdip: Hahaha… I charge for those 😛

HB: On a little more serious note, who’s your favorite Indian band? And who’s the band you love sharing the stage with?
Gurdip: I really haven’t heard the whole of India. Once I feel I have, I shall sit down and hear more of them rather to decide who the best is. I love sharing stage with Exhumation and Abandoned Agony, but I would be in a better place to answer this question once I have played with every single band in India.

HB: And one international band you’d want to share the stage with?
Gurdip: In Underground Metal Music, it would be Cephalotripsy. In world music it has to be Trilok Gurtu.

HB: What do you have to say about the Indian metal scene? And the rising popularity of Djent and Core bands and the trend they’re setting?
Gurdip: Metal is like how any religion is in India. As there are many Religions with different versions of History tagged to them and even more versions of modern day followers, Metal is a part of the whole Music Scenario with different listeners of different Sub Genres, with their own beliefs and liking and following.
Indian Metal scene is as varied as India is on the whole. Djent and Core is a personal liking, which I personally don’t like. And as I said, nobody can set a trend in India. You will have enough listeners of all genres. If you don’t believe me, ask the guys doing the Census, they have already lost it counting the number of people in India.

HB: What plans for Gutslit do you have for the future? Anything you’d want us to expect?
Gurdip: As always, Gutslit will surpass your expectations. Surprises are always better than known events.

HB: And lastly this is your space to say anything you want to the readers.
Gurdip: I would like to thank Headbangers.in for their hard work to support the scene and music in general. > And to everyone out there, it’s just about letting your heart out and play whatever makes you happy. Screw what people think. True musicians always set a mark than follow a trend.