• Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: March 15, 2010

Headbangers India catches up with Gorified- the sickest, most brutal grindcore band in India to find out a little about their recent gig at Malaysia, and about their music and recording plans. More in this exclusive round of Q and A…
HB: Hey Charlie, congrats to Gorified for getting to play with Putrid Pile (USA) and Wormrot (Singapore) at the Dismembering Asia Festival in Malaysia. That’s pretty huge. What did you expect?

Hey thanks bro for your support. Yeah, it was a big break for us to play along with Putrid Pile and Wormrot, in front of 200-250 death/grind frenzy crowd. The crowd were moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing, which was a great energizer for us on stage to grind them.

HB: And how did the show go?

Gorified: The show went on insanely killer. We guys had a ball on stage .The sound was kickass and so were the psychotic grindheads, who were asking for more filth from us.

HB: How did this gig come through? It’s not everyday we have Indian bands playing abroad, so this show should hopefully open new avenues for other metal bands too, right.

Gorified: Bro, we guys were getting offers from countries in South East Asian regions and even from the U.K and Europe. We thought of starting to spread the Gorified disease from Asia and then to Europe. Yeah bro, the South East Asian underground scene is huge and growing. They are looking for more brutal death/grind/gore bands from India. The good thing was that most of them have already heard Gorified and some of the local distros and labels already own our demo ‘Ruptured Within Seconds’ released on Sevared Records in 2006. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

HB: Tell us more about Gorified; the band, the history, the members, everything we need to know and more.

Gorified: Gorified started in November 2004 playing Gore Death/Grind with Charlie (Vox), Ganesh – Guitars/Bass and Ali –Drums, and went on playing local gigs. We guys recorded our demo in September 2005 and then got signed by Sevared Records. Then Barrett from Sevared Records went on to release our demo titled ‘Ruptured Within Seconds’ in 2006, which got sold out and we then received great response and reviews from sickheads worldwide, which gave us a huge boost.
The current line up is:
Charlie – Vox
Ganesh – Guitars/Bass
Guyome – Drums (Pulmonary Fibrosis and Mixomatosis from France)

HB: How big is grindcore and goregrind as a genre in India? What’s the response Gorified get from the audience when they play shows?

Gorified: Grind core and gore grind is still small but strong and growing in India. We guys have a bunch of maniacs who attend every gig of ours and support our music. Thanks to you sickos. Keep supporting the Underground!!!!!!!!

HB: What are the themes behind the music and lyrics?

Gorified: We guys don’t write lyrics. Our song titles are based  on gore, sickness, pathology, disease, accidents, porn, rape, necrophilia, BDSM, genital torture, cannibalism, horror and anything that has got to do with being gross, horny and  BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HB: Has the band released any albums or EPs to date? Any recordings for us to listen to?

Gorified: Yeah like I mentioned earlier. We released our E.P on Sevared Records (USA) in 2006 titled “Ruptured Within Seconds”. We guys are recording our debut full length, which will be out to destroy soon

HB: The band’s influences? Musically and other wise…

Gorified: We guys are influenced by tons of brutal death/grind/gore bands. To name a few like Early Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Disgorge (Mexico/U.S), Lividity, Engorged, Kabak, Mortician, Foetopsy, Brodequin, Terrorizer and lot more. Apart from them horror, zombie, porn, faces of death series, booze, exploitation and all that is psychotic and filthy.

HB: Charlie, this is your space. Anything you want to say to your fans, friends and enemies out there?

To all u guys supporting the underground movement, keep supporting the filth. Destruction to all those weak scums who belong to the mainstream, commercial and trendy music. KILL EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Bro, Madhav thanks a lot for this interview and support. Let us extreme metalheads fight against the invasion from the mainstream nu-metallers, who are just a bunch of cross species of metal and hip-hop. Fuck You All.

HB: Congrats about gig in Malaysia again. Keep the Indian flag flying high! Cheers.