Ganesh Krishnaswamy (April 2011)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: April 8, 2011

Reintroducing Ganesh Krishnaswamy- formerly from Kryptos, and also associated with acts like Parachute XVI and Bevar Sea. Check this exclusive interview for details on his journey in music, his gear, his practice schedules and also about how Nolan Lewis stole his teddy bear! Exclusively on Headbangers India!

HB: Hey Ganesh, how’ve you been? What’s been keeping you busy of late?

Ganesh: Hello, doing well, thanks! Been busy with my 9 to 5 and my bands. Business as usual 🙂

HB: From Kryptos to Parachute XVI and Bevar Sea. It’s been quite a longjourney for you in the music scene. How did it all begin? How did you getinto music?

Ganesh: My family leans towards music quite a bit. My earliest memories are of outfits like Man Machine, Osibisa, James Brown, etc. I was listening to a lot of pop until I was 12/13 years old, then I heard AC/DC and never turned back. And I grew up in East Bangalore, the coolest, most rock n roll-est part of this once glorious city – ’nuff said!

HB: You were great with Kryptos too. Why did you quit the band? And lookingat where they’ve gotten now, do you ever regret not sticking on?

Ganesh: Change is the only constant. Kryptos, deservedly, has grown from strength to strength and is slowly but surely putting Bangalore/Indian heavy metal on the map. Nolan and I are still hang at every given opportunity. I quit the band because Nolan stole my teddy bear.

HB: The music of Parachute XVI is what one may not necessarily associatewith a metalhead. (I say this without meaning to be offensive in any sortof way!) So tell us, how did that come about? And what has happened to theband now?

Ganesh: Ananth Menon and ! Have known each other for over a decade now, and we’ve always professed our love for blues from both sides of the pond. With PXVI we wanted to take this love for the blues and add an prog-psychedelic element to it. And we have done that consistently. Right now, Ananth is busy with Galeej Gurus, recording et al. We have gone through a line-up change (Deepak Raghu is the newest member on the drums) and are on hiatus until we feel we have enough material to start writing and performing – by mid-May/early June we’ll be back in action.

HB: It’s good to see you back on stage with Bevar Sea. The band hasreceived quite a good response so far. What do you guys have in store forthe coming months?

Ganesh: Bevar Sea is a no-hype, straight out heavy rock/stoner/doom band. Drawing influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, St Vitus, Trouble, Sleep etc. Simple, in-your-face rock n roll party music. We look to perform and hone our live sound before we think of a studio release. Until then we’re going to keep releasing demo/rehearsal and live sessions.

HB: Right now, you do only vocals for the band. As a bass player, do youplan to take on those duties for Bevar Sea sometime?

Ganesh: In my heart, I’ll always be a bass player first. Vocals is something I had to take on early in my music career dude to circumstances. With Bevar Sea, my attempt   is to fuse my Bon Scott/Paul Rodgers influences with my Tom Angelripper/Tom G Warrior/Quorthon influences – a sort of a rock n’ metal hybrid. I have done a decent job with it, I’m happy. We have JP on bass with Bevar Sea, he is doing a good job. And there’s no reason for me to take over that role, unless there’s a dire need for me to.

HB: We hear that you are planning to record soon. Tell us more about that.

Ganesh: Like I said – you will see a lot of releases from Bevar Sea – rehearsal demos, live sessions et al – but a studio record will be a while. This is because we want to be very comfortable live, with each other. The idea is to replicate the live energy in the studio. The only way I see that happening is if we track live. And for us to track live in the studio, we’d have to have a considerable amount of stage experience.

HB: Tell us a little about your influences (musically and otherwise). Anyvocalists or bass players in particular who you’d cite as having inspiredyou the most?

Ganesh: Vocals – Bon Scott (RIP), RJ Dio (RIP), Ozzy (early years), Rob Halford (esp. the first 3 Judas Priest albums), Paul Rodgers (Free-era), LEMMY (\m/), Jack Bruce (Cream), Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Tom G Warrior (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost), etcBass – Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Willie Dixon (RIP), Mike Inez, Jack Bruce, LEMMY (\m/), Cliff Burton (RIP), etc.

HB: Tell us a little about the equipment you use.

Ganesh: I play an ESP F 104 bass and I use Sansamp Tech-21 3-channel Bass Driver DI, a Boss Bass Chorus, Digitech Synth Wah and a Morley Wah pedal – PB2.

HB:  Any latest Indian/ international metal that you’ve checked out and that you think we should too?

Ganesh: Finally got a hold of Devoid’s a God’s Lie, Inner Sanctum are band to look out for, Dying Embrace have come back together and I have been re-visiting them, Kryptos have just finished ercording their 3rd album – that’s a definite ‘watch-out for’, Abandoned Agony, just yesterday I got a glimpse of the new Exhumation album (got to get a copy), Eccentric Pendulum are cool – except for their stage clothes :P, way too many good Indian bands – these are just a few, off the top of my head.

HB: What’s your individual practice regime like? How many hours do youdevote to the band?

Ganesh: 2 hours everyday.

HB: What does Ganesh Krishnaswamy do when he’s not playing in a band?

I work as a Communities/Social Media manager with a start-up here in Bangalore.

HB: Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to all your fans and othermetalheads out there?

Ganesh: Stay heavy, stay proud, come to our gigs, buy our merchandise/CD – its the only way this scene will survive. Support, bitches!!!