• Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: September 26, 2013

Headbangers India supports Evilution II happening in Bangalore on the 29th of September. We’re doing a series of interviews featuring all the bands to promote this gig. Here’s the first – Fragarak. 

Prog Death from Delhi who have soared new heights and got everyone’s attention, especially after the release of their debut album Crypts of Dissimulation. Here’s a few words from them.


HB: Hi there guys, how’s it going? Your album seems to be getting great reviews all round. It’s a refreshing change to see prog death emerge, from Delhi, especially since there aren’tmany bands from there. What is your view on prog death and was it something you wanted to follow or did it come by as you went along?

We didn’t start out by defining a genre, as we kept our composing as an experimental process where we explored and pushed our musical creativity as much as we could. We had an aim as to what we wanted to create musically, but kept our minds open to new ideas that sprung up within the band.  We were always clear of wanting to explore as for us it provided endless opportunities to create an album that would hopefully bring something new to the table. It seemed to have worked for us and the music, as it turned out could best be defined by progressive death realms.

HB: What’s your view of the Delhi scene at the moment? Are there a bunch of gigs? Any bands you guys would recommend? Is there an audience for different styles of metal?

We believe that the Delhi scene, though not flourishing, is however developing. With the support of Transcending Obscurity India, there is valid promise that Delhi will soon experience gigs with extreme bands from various cities. To name a few bands from Delhi, we would surely recommend 1833 AD and Third Sovereign (now relocated to the north-east). Apart from the bulk of the metal audience preferring trend-driven metal music, few of Delhi’s audience does appreciate various styles of metal.

HB: Coming to Crypts of Dissimulation, how did that come about? Was it in the making for long? Take us through the writing and the recording process.

Well, since early 2012 we each had different ideas culminating in our minds and as the band expanded in to a 5 five piece ensemble, the ideas were merged. Around mid 2012 we started concentrating full time on creating songs and experimenting with themes that we wanted to put in the record. The writing process took us to the end of 2012 and in January 2013, we hit the studio for recording. After about 5 months of recording and finalising every little bit to the way we wanted, we released “Crypts of Dissimulation” in May, 2013.

HB: It’s going to be your first time in Bangalore, how does that feel? What do you expect at Evilution? Also, any Bangalore bands you particularly like?

It feels exciting! Not enough words to describe the rush of feelings here. It is our first outstation tour gig and we’re absolutely stoked about it. We’re looking forward to decent support and the only thing we’re really expecting is to put up a good show for everyone who will come to see us and hope that they like what we have to offer in a live show. Meeting fellow musicians, bands, and fans would also be great because as musicians you grow best when you’re surrounded by the likes of you.

To name a few, Djinn and Miskatonic’s new album “Forever in the Realm” blew us away, so we’re looking forward to that. Going beyond the genre, we also appreciate stuff by Space behind the Yellow Room. But overall all the bands seem very promising, to say the least.

HB: Are you guys going to have merchandise at the gig?

Yes definitely! We have been keeping our album copies (Digipak CDs) and Tshirts together since our release. We look forward to showcase them at the gig for purchase by the audience. That we our efforts are supported the right way, and people have a chance to listen and “wear”  simultaneously.

HB: You guys are also playing in Mumbai before Evilution. Do you think doing multi-city tours is the way to go to promote albums?

Absolutely! There is no question about it. We would like to visit as many cities as possible to promote our album. Hearing an album is one thing but people are always stoked to see a band live. It also gives us a chance to understand the scene in the other cities and meet up with other musicians and bands. Multi-city tours definitely help in promoting the album, because at the end of the day you have more people to whom your music reaches out.

HB: Good luck to both your gigs, hope you have a blast. Any last words for the readers?

Hope to see and witness the glory of Bangalore’s metal arm soon! But these of course will not be our last words, we’re here to stay. You’ll definitely keep hearing more from us with time, cheers!