Faheem (Eccentric Pendulum)

  • Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: January 9, 2011

HB: First of all congratulations on winning the Wacken Metal Battle,how does it feel to be able to go to Germany and play?
Faheem: Well , It does feel great to get the opportunity to play at the Wacken Metal festival. I only wish they would finance us as we Indians are pretty poor people haha . It will be an amazing experience if we do make it there (somehow) , and will give us the kind of exposure that the band needs. Playing to an international audience would be a dream come true 🙂

HB: How has your journey with EP been? From watching them at various shows to actually joining them and being a part of the whole phenomenon?
Faheem: The journey with EP has been quite fantastic till date. I remember watching them at some show and actually “listening” and trying to understand what musical ideas they were trying to put across. At that time i was still learning to express myself on the guitar , and the Eccentric Pendulum “sound” seemed very appealing to me. I remember listening to the songs on the EP and visualising what I could do along with them if the opportunity presented itself. When i did finally encounter Arun due to a random co-incidence, I managed to impress him enough to make my way into the band. A highly constructive and demanding phase followed where i had to learn all of the material and make my own parts for all the songs, but i can say that it was quite enjoyable and challenged my creative faculties. Playing live shows was a new experience for me in the beginning, and it took some getting used to, with all the difficulties and problems faced while playing live with a quite “technical” band hehe. Now ,it is an awesome experience to be on stage playing to a crowd!

HB: What are the developments with the upcoming album? What do you want people to expect?
Faheem: The upcoming album has been much delayed , and I gather that editing work is still going on. The mixing/mastering process would take a while , so an early 2011 release seems apt. And regarding album expectations, I would say that this Album has a lot more musical versatility. The new songs have proven to be tougher to record for all of us and are longer than any of the tracks on the demo. The album artwork has also been carefully conceptualised , so watch out for that ! 🙂

HB: What do you have to say about the line up change, Arjun replacing Ashish?
Faheem: Ashish leaving the band was a big blow to us all. He was an exceptional guitarist and songwriter and I will miss playing alongside him. And initially I did not think that we would find a replacement for him. When Arjun approached us with the offer of replacing Ashish, I was doubtful of his skills, but after the first jam he proved to be an Excellent replacement/addition to the band. He is able to pull off All of Ashish’s parts with the same level of tightness’ notwithstanding his almost twin-like resemblance to Ashish (sans the beard).

HB:How many other bands do you play for? How is EP different?

Faheem: I play for one other band at the moment, Farmer. Apart from that I also make a lot of music at home that I can’t really play with either band, instrumental stuff that I am still working on. I hope to release these too, once I get hold of all the necessary equipment I need to produce them properly! There is barely any difference between EP and Farmer bandmates (if you dont consider their average age that is). EP would only be different in the work ethic that every member has developed , but I see that coming in Farmer too with time!

HB: Tell us more about Farmer.
Faheem: Well Farmer is predominantly a rock band with varied influences – progressive rock, jazz and ambient music. We started about 8-9 months ago and have played very select shows in the past year. I wanted to start this band ages ago but it didn’t materialise till we got the opportunity to play The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival , which turned out to be an awesome event to play for our first show 🙂 We hope to release some of our music soon and play more shows in the coming months ! 🙂

HB: How do you manage all the music and academics?
Faheem: It is quite a struggle to manage an engineering degree alongside the musical interests! But I try to make as much time as I can to devote to both!
There have been times when I have felt that i have to choose between the two, But I’m happy that i am able to pursue both!

HB: Tell us what goes on in the the jam room. Who’s the entertainer,who’s the junkie and who’s sober (if anyone is sober that is)
Faheem: Hmmm . . in the jam room , when it is “gig” time , everyone is pretty much serious. Otherwise Nikhil (a.k.a Bandlee) would be the entertainer, with his antics and random “clean” vocal episodes. Arun has proven himself to be the junkie from time to time and sober person, well that would be Vibhas and me 🙂

HB: Do you like the musical progression EP has been making? How do you compare the early material to the newer one?
Faheem: I do like the musical progression that EP has been making over the past two years. The music has become more structured and refined, With elements of different kinds of music embedded in the progressive metal ‘forte’ .The early material has a raw feel to the sound , with more direct ideas but with the newer stuff it has only become more abstract – both musically and lyrically.

HB: And finally, did you enjoy the interview? What do you have to say to the people reading this?
Faheem: Yes , I did enjoy this interview, and I must thank Headbangers.in for presenting me with this opportunity and running such an amazing website dedicated to Indian independent music, and for all the support.