Extinct Reflections (August 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: August 6, 2009

Extinct Reflections… a name that’s almost gotten synonymous with the Bangalore metal scene. After being around for so many years, the group disbands this September in the hope of higher musical aspirations. Headbangers India catches up with Narayan (bassist) for a final interview with the band…

HB: Firstly, and most importantly… why are we hearing about a farewell gig?

ER: You’re hearing about a farewell gig because Sandy, our prodigal guitarist, is leaving to M.I., Los Angeles to pursue an education in music.

HB: Any plans of resurrecting the band later, with the same or a different line-up?
ER: Would absolutely love to re-form the band! The same line up would be awesome, but it depends on what we are doing at that point of time.

HB: You’ve been around for so many years, and yet, you have minimal recordings. Why?
ER: Lethargy, I guess. But, we intend to try and put as many songs on record before Sandy leaves. Let’s see how that goes.

HB: Which bands/musicians would you say have been your most major influences?
ER: As a band, I think Cynic, Death, and whole host of other bands that we individually trip on. We all have varied influences, but it’s what works within our minds when we’re composing that makes Extinct’s music what it is.

HB: Do you ever have regrets about doing or not doing certain things when with the band? Ever wished you could’ve changed some things?
ER: Wish we played a lot more gigs, both in Bangalore as well as outside. We haven’t had an opportunity to play at too many other places. Plus, a full length album would have been killer!

HB: Each of the members in ER is part of another band. How do you manage your rehearsals? How often do you guys practice?
ER: We don’t really jam very often. When we do, it doesn’t take too much time to get a new song out. The fact that we all play with other bands just means we are constantly in touch with our instruments, so converting thoughts to music doesn’t take too much effort. As far as scheduling jams goes, we are pretty flexible with each other, and manage to find time.

HB: Which has been your craziest gig till date?
ER: G.I.R., 2009.

HB: How do you think the metal scene in Bangalore has helped strengthen you as a band?
ER: This is home ground for us. We actually have people that know our music, like it and want to hear more of it here in Bangalore. And we have fellow musicians from bigger bands as well as our peers lending more than just an ear every time we play!

HB: Among all the songs you’ve written and composed, which would be the band’s personal favourite Extinct Reflections song? And why?
ER: Man, that’s a tough question. My personal favorite is ‘In Praise’… used to be my favourite. Song even before I joined the band! That’s because of the thrash element, as well as the killer chorus riff. As a band I think ‘Recognize, Analyze’ is probably our favorite. But wait, there’s this new song that we’re working on that feels even better!

HB: Any final comments…
ER: I’ve been with Extinct for around two years now, and it’s been an absolute blast, jamming with some of the best musical talents in the country. Here’s to hoping that we do make a comeback sometime in the future, and in the mean time, on a more selfish note, I get to jam with some new, killer musicians! Cheers!

Headbangers India salutes Extinct Reflections for their contribution to Indian metal, and here’s wishing them all the best for their future. Cheers \m/