Evil Invaders

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: November 16, 2016

I first heard Evil Invaders a few years back when their debut self-titled EP came out. Fast, ripping and violent speed-bordering-on-thrash metal; no holds barred. The debut full length on Napalm Records continued the trend and when I saw that they were coming to my town, I jumped at the chance to speak to Joe, the demonically possessed frontman of the band. Read on…

HBI: Hey Joe, good to have you with us here today. How’s the tour been so far?
EI: The tour’s been good. All the venues have been packed, even during the week. A lot of people have been coming out.

HBI: You’re on tour with Skull Fist once again, and you now have Mortillery and Suicidal Angels with you.
EI: It’s a great package. They’re all really good live bands. You see that in the people who come out; they’re really enjoying it… All the action on stage. It’s great.

HBI: You have a new EP out, titled ‘In For The Kill.’ Tell me more about the EP.
EI: There are only four songs – two new songs and two live tracks from our first EP and from ‘Pulses of Pleasure.’ The new songs are in my opinion the best songs we have written so far; the first songs that we have written with this line-up. It’s working very well, musically and personally. We’re working well together. We’re selling the CD only on tour – it is a limited release, just so the people have something. Like a collector’s thing.

HBI: Absolutely, and for me as a fan, there is more incentive to pick it up at the show rather than online which I may or may not do.
EI: This was really like a promotional EP. We wanted to release something before the tour – we haven’t released anything in a year and we wanted to show the fans the new line-up, faces needed to be shown. Most people don’t even recognize that we have a new line-up now, so we put up a video as well.

HBI: What’s it like working with Napalm Records?
EI: They’re great – very supportive, a really good label. They give us a lot of freedom to do our thing and were very supportive when we told them we wanted to bring out an EP and a video before the tour. They’re a great label to be on.

HBI: How has song-writing in Evil Invaders changed, now that you have a new bass player and guitar player?
EI: Both Joeri (bass player) and Max (guitar player) both played in bands before where they were the main songwriters, so that’s really cool to work with people who are not just musicians. For this EP, Max wrote both the songs. We decided to just go ahead and release them for the tour. Give people a taste of what is coming. We’re all really on the same page when it comes to lyrics and guitar solos and stuff.

HBI: It’s not very easy to find band members with the same tastes and same musical visions…
EI: Yeah. They have different tastes in music, for example Max is more into death metal. It’s really cool to have other visions and ideas from people but still manage to blend them together in one band.

HBI: So who do you and the rest of the band listen to? Who are your influences?
EI: That’s really hard to say. I’m influenced by Savatage, Motorhead, Exodus, Mercyful Fate. The old stuff. Judas Priest. We try to combine a lot of stuff into our song writing.

HBI: This is a question I ask every band I speak to – tell me about Belgium and metal. How easy/hard is it for you to get visible and popular as a metal band in Belgium?
EI: Honestly, it has always been very good. From our first gig, we’ve always had a lot of people. Because it is such a small country, you know a lot of people and you have a lot of friends, and they would all come out to watch us play. People noticed us because we always had a lot of people at the venue. They didn’t know they were our friends but it got people to our shows and now, everything is a lot better.

HBI: You were in South America last year. Every band tells me that it is one of the best places to play live. What was your experience like?
EI: South America was hot! So hot that when I was playing guitar, the sweat was dripping off my hands and on to the strings and I could see it flying off. I could wring my shirt after the show and there’d be buckets of water. And the crowds too – you could see it in their eyes; the adrenaline pumping, just like I have when I’m on stage. People would be stage diving, it was crazy. We headlined all the shows and played a festival as well.

HBI: What’s next for Evil Invaders? You finish the tour at the end of October and then?
EI: We go home for 14 days, we work a bit on the song writing for the full length and then we leave for a headlining tour to Eastern Europe. We’re going to do Russia for the first time, Poland, Estonia, Latvia. It’s going to be crazy.

HBI: Any plans for India?
EI: That would be great if we could do that. After we release an album maybe.

HBI: Sounds awesome, Joe! Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to us. Have a great gig and see you around next year, maybe in India or in Europe!
EI: Thanks!