Devoid (August 2010)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: August 5, 2010

They may not have been in the news for a while now, but that’s just a sign that they’re gearing up for something big! Headbangers India catches up with the boys from Devoid- our Featured Band for August, to find out what they’ve been up to, what their new album is like and much more!

HB: It’s been a long time since we heard from Devoid. What’s been up with the band? Why the unofficial break?

Shubham: We basically have been spending a lot of time on recording. ‘A God’s Lie’ is our first release and we have put in all our efforts to make it sound good. Due to this, the frequency of gigs has been low but we have been practicing regularly.

HB: You’ve got an album lined up for release sometime soon. Tell us a little about it. What’s it called, what are the themes the songs are based on, when will we see the big release etc.

Arun: A God’s Lie is a work in progress since 5 years. In retrospect, A God’s Lie is a mix-tape of everything that we refined and re-refined in the past years. Each song has its own concept and philosophy but we never did want a pseudo concept album that supposedly tells a tale or whatever. This is a Thrash/Death album and metalheads will love it. The themes to the songs are totally depended on the vibe of the songs. I usually write the song first and then lay over the lyrics later depending on the mood of the song. Due to this reason, each song has its own flavor and thusly its own emotions. In this album, there are a few songs that inter-relate like New World Order and A God’s Lie. They more or less speak about the same thing in parallels which is the evils of ignorance; the evils of a pre-historic setup of our social norms and social deities. Some of our songs though don’t particularly carry any message. For example, Black Fortress is purely personal. Black Fortress symbolizes this place where Devoid was in a sense of way, born. It was where we all hung out, got drunk, played metal on acoustic guitars and talked about how in the future we will be giving interviews such as this. It is an homage we pay to that place through Black Fortress. Yes, we can get pretty corny about stuff like these. The release is scheduled for the month of September

HB: Congratulations, Devoid has just signed on to Demonstealer Records. Any big plans with the label?

Shubham: We do have big plans considering this album contains excerpts from the past 6 years. Hence we are looking forward to our affiliation with Demonstealer Records to promote the album extensively and to do as many gigs as possible. -Frank

HB: What are your promotional plans for the new album? Any nation-wide tours you’re looking at?

Arun: All the promotional plans for ‘A God’s Lie’ is in the pipeline. We have a few ideas on promotions which we wouldn’t want to reveal for it will shun its sole purpose. We definitely want to embark on a nation-wide tour but there are a myriad of ways a tour can become a complete disaster and we want to play it as we see it. A launch in Bombay though is definitely happening and it is going to be mighty fun.

HB: Any moments of madness and fun from your recording sessions that you’d like to share with us?

Frank: We were extremely lucky that we recorded our album at Arun’s very own Motor’G’ studio. We had our late night recording/Drinking and .. sessions.. I guess one funny incident was me and Arun were smoking outside in the balcony and some chick/woman was roaming topless and while we were caught up with that we managed to get ourselves locked out in tha balcony until helped arrived

HB: Every band has its own long list of influences. Which bands/ artists would you guys say has been most influential in shaping the music of Devoid?

Frank: Slayer all the way.

Arun: Slayer, Deathchain, Metallica, Megadeth, Witchery, Sepultura etc. For me personally it all started with Iron Maiden and then Slayer and Cannibal Corpse followed. I generally take inspiration from any good death or thrash metal band. But I think one band that we as a band absolutely love has to be Slayer.

HB: Let’s get to know the band a little better. Tell us what each of you does for a living, apart from playing music of course.

Frank: Working as a Sr. Marketing Manager in a event company. Trying to balance my married life, work life, my other band Sceptre and coping up with Devoid.

Arun: Recording bands and other projects at my home studio “MotorG Studio”. I just completed my degree in B.Sc. (Computer Science). Will mostly look for a job now and then maybe start preparing for MBA.

HB: If you look at the music of Devoid when you formed first in 2005 and your music now in 2010, do you see any change in the sound, and your musical approach?

Shubham: Our goal has always been the same… to sound as “thrashy” as possible. Since 2005, every one of us has been constantly trying to become a better musician and although I think we have come a long way, we’re not even half way there yet. Overall sound has been changing. Earlier it was all thrash with a hint of old school and melodic influence. It still is thrash but now our death metal influences have started to creep in and we’re quite excited about that. You’ll surely notice that in the upcoming album.

HB: Metal is growing in India, but not necessarily in an ideal sort of way. Any particular observations about the ‘scene’ that you’d like to point out?

Shubham: Well, one major improvement that can be noticed these days is the improving sound in concerts. Organizers are finally beginning to understand how important good sound is for a show to succeed. The level of professionalism has definitely increased and the quality of bands just keeps getting better. More importantly, Indian bands are finally playing international shows and that’s a big leap ahead. Thanks to Rolling Stone, we now have our very own annual ‘Indian metal Awards’ which will surely inspire more bands to come out with more releases. Even the international metal community is taking India seriously because they have realized that there is a market for metal here. No wonder we have suddenly seen an influx of international bands. I mean 5 years back, who would have thought of experiencing bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Machine head, Opeth, Amon Amarth and very recently Lamb Of God live. So the scene is surely heading in the right direction. But, one thing remains the same…the attitude of organizers towards a band. Its definitely changing but there’s still a long way to go. The concept of mutual respect has to be understood.

HB: And last… some thoughts/ wise words you’d like to share with fans, friends, foes. This is your space. Feel free to rant!

Arun: We have always enjoyed a healthy support from all our fans and we are in debt to all you and we want to prove our worth through this album. A huge shout out to DSR for all the promotions that has helped the band reach wider audience. Sahil, take a bow! To all those who haven’t heard us do check us out at www.reverbnation.com/devoidindia and also join our facebook community by following this link : http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/DevoidIndia/140937786471?ref=ts

Thank you Headbangers.in for all your support and for choosing us as the Featured Band.