Clipped Wing Satellite

  • Interview by: Madhav R
  • Date: June 12, 2010

Picture Courtesy - Zeusdeux

This month, our focus on ‘Spotlight’ is a Bangalore-based instrumental band called Clipped Wing Satellite. They’re a new name, but not new otherwise in the metal scene. Read on to know more about their music, their debut album and lots more, exclusively here, on Headbangers India.

HB: Hi Mudit, good to have you here. How’re you doing?

CWS: I’m doing just fine. “Recuperating” after a whole week of exams. How goes?

HB: It’s alright, its all good. Tell us more about Clipped Wing Satellite, the band and the members.

CWS: Clipped Wing Satellite is a band that came together sometime in August 2009. It came into being for a very simple reason that, a couple of us needed new direction, new music and wanted to create something different. I had always wanted to play in a band with Amar (Venator) and Anoop (Ston’d) and hence they were my obvious first choices when it came to forming a new outfit. We came together with the sole intention of having fun and growing as musicians and it paid off!

We soon had Siddharth join us and he was an instant match and a perfect fit (both music and lest I say, personality wise). Clipped Wing Satellite is currently Amar on guitars, Anoop on bass, Siddharth on keys/samples and I’m on drums.

HB: Clipped Wing Satellite. That’s a very different and unique name for a band. What’s the story behind the name?

CWS: As I remember, we were around 2 months deep into writing music and we still hadn’t come up with a name for the band. All of us in CWS wanted a name that stuck out and a name that people could remember and associate with the kind of music we play.  We wanted something different, not deep, different.

Our fascination with space, and the fact that we all had names that we each liked individually but others did not led to a combination of some them and Clipped Wing Satellite was born! All the members totally dug the name almost instantly and we chose to stick with it.

HB: CWS has recently started recording their debut album, if I’m correct. Tell us more about the album. What can we expect from it?

CWS: Yes we certainly have. It has been christened FLIGHT. We chose the name since it defines our music and our growth as musicians after forming CWS perfectly.

Flight, I think, will represent our mind set while writing music, our take on music and us as musicians completely. It will push the limits of our “sound” to both ends of the spectrum in which our sound falls. Honestly, I cannot accurately classify our music under a particular genre but if we were to choose then I would say Flight would fall under Experimental Progressive Rock/Metal with post rock overtones.

You can expect a mix of totally laid out trippy parts mixed with heavy passages, odd times, rhythmic illusions and even certain elements of electronica.

HB: Tell us about the composing process behind the songs.

CWS: Umm we don’t have a process as such or even direction actually when we start writing. Normally all we need is one riff that sets it all into motion or a concept that we want to translate into music. We frequently deal with deadlocks and blocks. There have been times when we have scrapped complete songs and restructured and worked on ‘em from scratch.  We want our music to sound good to us and if possible, to others, the latter being an added bonus.

HB: What made you decide on being an instrumental band? Do you think having a vocalist will change your sound?

CWS: Again, since our idea was to be different musically, we thought we could best push the boundaries if we remained instrumental. Being instrumental gives us a lot more headroom and freedom since we don’t have to worry about chorus-verse-chorus or about writing riffs on which vocals sound good. We have complete freedom to do anything we want with any instrument at any point within a song and this is a luxury we have become accustomed to.

I do think a vocalist will change our sound, definitely. Whether the sound will change in a direction we want it to change in, that’s another deal altogether. That is probably the only reason why we have been wary of having vocals. We are not closed to the idea though but we have something in mind and we want a vocalist who can deliver that. We have auditioned quite a few vocalists and are still in the auditioning process. We have found some really talented vocalists and are working on putting ‘em through phase 2 of auditioning.

HB: Any particular themes/concepts behind the music?

CWS: Hmmm, we don’t quite have a single concept behind our tracks. At times we just wing it, at times it’s just a translation of our mood at that particular instant. All in all, we don’t think about what we are going to write about, we just get right into writing and take it from there.

HB: What are the band’s influences? (musical and outside music too)

CWS: As a band we are heavily influenced by Porcupine Tree, Karnivool, Tool, Textures, Dream Theater, Cynic, God Is An Astronaut, Caspian and a lot of other bands that I can’t quite recall for some reason.

Outside of music the only things that probably influence our music are our mood at the time of writing and our personalities. Our music is basically a total opposite of how we are in person, atleast that’s what we are told!

HB: Any words for our readers here on Headbangers India?

CWS: Do catch up with Clipped Wing Satellite on our Facebook page for regular updates and a free non-lethal dose of absolute retardedness! We’ve also put up the link to our song Rorschach which is available for free download.

And keep yourself tuned in to Headbangers India, the best source for info on the Indian music scene!

HB: Thank you for your time, Mudit, we wish you all the best with the album.

CWS: Thanks so much for the opportunity. This was fun! See you as soon as the album is out!