Chronic Xorn (October 09)

  • Interview by: Vilasini Muralidhar
  • Date: October 10, 2009

Headbangers India is all about promoting Indian metal. Not jus the big bands, but also the smaller, yet killer bands that are dedicated to the scene, dedicated to playing heavy friggin metal and dedicated to sending crowds into a frenzy at their gigs. Chronic Xorn, from Kolkata, of all places is one such band. Madhav and Vilasini interviewed this five… No. Make that six piece band a few days back and this is how it went...


HB: We’ll begin with the standard question, shall we? Tell us how Chronic Xorn started off, and introduce the band members to us.

CX: Chronic Xorn started off as a 5 piece metal band in Kolkata in July 2007 .With musicians sharing common thoughts and with goals alike, we wanted to write good music and carry the torch of metal around and outside the city. The band at that point of time consisted of Sunny (vocals), Anindya (guitar), Abhinav (guitar), Jit (bass) and Tamaghna (drums). A few months later, Soumyabrata joined the band to pen down his words. In just about 3-4 months of formation, the band got the impetus they needed by capturing the 2nd runners up spot (Regional) and became the Zonal Finalists of Campus Rock Idols 2007. Soon after their long time member Jit left the band (owing to some unavoidable commitments), Angshuman joined as the new bass guitarist. A year later, Suvam came on as a replacement of Anindya to join Abhinav with his guitar duties.

The band now is:
Sunny – vocals
Suvam – guitar/vocals
Abhinav – guitar
Angshuman – bass
Tamaghna – drums
Soumyabrata – lyrics

HB: Why the name “Chronic Xorn”? Was does it mean?

CX: Choosing the name of a band is always a difficult task and different minds have different views on it. But thankfully we agreed on the name which we have now. “Chronic” as we know means something constant or something recurring frequently, and “Xorn” is actually a modified form of “Zorn” which means anger in German. We wanted a name which goes with the music we make and can express the lyrical content we have, so we went ahead with this name.

HB: You’ve had slight changes in line-up from the time you started off. Tell us how that has affected your music/ changed your style.

CX: Ever since we started off, we’ve had a couple of line-up changes which I believe have affected our music, and in a sense have brought different and more positive elements in our music. Initially we started off as a metalcore/groove metal band but after Angshuman joined in with his ideas and thoughts we slowly started to shift towards a heavier death metal sound, which we thoroughly enjoyed playing. Recently we had a unanimous decision of reverting back to the older stuff we played which is a little groovier now. Anindya had to leave the band for some unavoidable circumstances and Suvam replaced him as a guitarist of the band. So we are quite happy to be a Metalcore band now and creating good music with a finally stable line-up!

HB: Sounds good. Ok, let’s get to know the band a little better. Tell us what each of you do apart from playing for the band.

CX: All of us are still students and in our early twenties. Abhinav, Angshuman and Tamaghna are in their final year of engineering course while Sunny and Suvam are doing their Masters.

HB: Its not often we hear about metal bands coming outta Kolkata. Give us a little more insight into the metal scene there. How much support have you got from fans and bands alike, which have helped you develop as a band?

CX: The support we had initially when we started off wasn’t as much as we are getting now which is quite obvious, in a way, but still without the support of the senior musicians, our contemporary bands and our fans, we wouldn’t have come this far. The Metal scene in Kolkata is a developing one, people are slowly but surely getting into metal, which was not so much there when we started off. Bands have to organize metal shows for themselves by coming together and doing everything from sound to venues by themselves which is quite an encouraging sign. Two apt examples of this are The PIT and NMP. Kolkata is slowly accepting this form of music and we all expect that this city goes far ahead with bands from different genres and listeners supporting all kinds of music.

HB: We noticed that your band has one member exclusively for lyrics. Does he also perform with the band/ play any instruments?

CX: We are glad to have Soumyabrata as our lyricist from the get go. He does not perform with the band, neither does he play any instrument. But he is the soul of the band without whose contribution, the music we create would have no meaning!

HB: Any albums or EPs in the offering?

CX: We are planning to get our first EP out by the end of this year. We have a few singles on our myspace page, and we’re quite excited about getting a full set of songs released. You can check them out at www.myspace.com/chronicxorn. You can send in any feedback to [email protected]

HB: Good to hear that. You’ll send us a copy when it’s out, right? Ok, now which would you say has been the band’s best gig so far? What are the reasons for this choice?

CX: There has been several amazing and memorable gigs for us. It’s really difficult to select one, but if we would have to, we’d go for the headlining act at ISM University, Oorja 2008. That was a tour which all of us would remember. Apart from the obvious reason of enjoying live, we had loads of fun while touring. The crowds we had there were the best part of the tour. Rich both in quantity as well as quality. We were quite overwhelmed by seeing such a “metal-friendly” and supportive crowd.

HB: What’s coming up for Chronic Xorn in the coming months? Any plans of touring the country?

CX: Well, we are planning to hit the studios in the coming months and write new material for the EP. Tours are not finalized yet but we’re working on a few deals. We’ll let you know as soon as they are.

HB: Alright. What are 3 of your biggest influences (musical and otherwise)?

CX: Our members have quite a big range of influences ranging from Progressive to Death Metal bands; All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cryptopsy, Lamb of God, Trivium etc. Apart from our musical influences, our families and friends have supported us through all these years.

HB: Your comments on the Indian metal scene are…

CX: The metal scene in India is growing at a rapid pace with bands like Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Megadeth and Opeth touring India. The metal bands in our country are really playing kickass stuff and with the inclination of the crowd towards metal music these days it really feels great while playing live.

HB: Finally, your celebrity moment is here. Give us a few words for your fans, other bands etc.

CX: We would like to thank all our fans for supporting us all these years. We also feel that it’s really important for a band to stick together and keep on making music and practice a lot, there’s no other way to success.

HB: Thank you for your time and patience! And good luck too \m/