Brittney Hayes (Unleash The Archers)

  • Interview by: Stefan Marcus
  • Date: December 30, 2016

Our writer in London, Stefan Marcus caught up with Canadian heavy/power metal band Unleash The Archers a few weeks back and spoke about new music and concept albums. Read on..

HBI: Stefan from Headbanger’s India and I’m here with Brittney, the vocalist from Unleash the Archers. This is the last night of the tour, are you feeling happy, exhausted, excited all over again?
BH: A little bit of everything. There’s always that calm before the storm in the hours before you play a show and then there’s that adrenaline high afterwards. Trying not too much to think about the fact that the tour is over, it’s sad because we always have a good time on the road together, and this is what we’re here to do – to play music – so it’s always a little bit sad. But we’re heading into the studio the day after tomorrow so that’s quite exciting! Negatives and positive, I guess?

HBI: Highlights?
BH: Vienna was really cool and the crowd was fantastic, it just blew me away I had no idea we had so many fans there, they’ve been waiting a while for us to come. That was an awesome night and a beautiful city. Switzerland was beautiful, and the Netherlands! I really enjoyed the Netherlands.

HBI: Is this your first European tour?
BH: It’s not a full one, we didn’t do France, Italy and a few other places. But it’s the first time we’ve been to Europe.

HBI: Fantastic, you mentioned a new album, which is the follow-up to Time Stands Still. What kind of ideas will you be bringing into this new one?
BH: Well, it’s a concept album so there’s going to be one linear story throughout.

HBI: Perfect, that’s what I like to hear, I love concept albums!
BH: [laughs] Me too! I don’t think I’m ever going to write anything else. Time Stands Still was a loose concept album because each song was a fantastical twist on every day elements of what being an independent band in Canada was like. This one is full on going to be a story that I made up in my mind. [laughs]

HBI: Awesome, what kinds of works inspired the story?
BH: I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels and comic books. I love movies and video games and that kind of thing, I’m not really sure where it came from…

HBI: Which means it will be really original!
BH: [laughs] I hope so.

HBI: What about the musical style, will it be a continuation of the sound you had before? Are there both styles of vocals?
BH: I think we’ll always have screams. I hear them in my head a lot when I’m writing, so I think ‘this needs to be screamed, it’s not a vocal part’. There’s definitely still screaming, and what we’ve come to call our sound, which is a blend. I’m really excited, some of the songs we’ve written are pretty catchy.

HBI: When can we expect to hear it?
BH: Hopefully if all goes as planned, it will be early summer 2017. But you know what they say about plans… it’s up to Napalm!

HBI: It’s good to have that big label support now.
BH: Yeah, we’re more than happy with the relationship we’ve had with Napalm so far.

HBI: So you mentioned about Time Stands Still and how it relates to being a band in Canada. Are you still based in Vancouver? And how has the scene there developed?
BH: Yeah, It’s great for sure. A lot of good bands coming out from Canada nowadays.

HBI: What kind of bands are you digging?
BH: There’s this great band called Nylithia from Vancouver. They call it hyper-thrash, it’s really fast and there’s electronic parts as well, it’s really cool. Our brothers in arms Crimson Shadows from Toronto, really excited to hear their new album. And who else hmmm… All Else Fails, and Order From Chaos’ new album is amazing.

HBI: Your vocals are really impressive, have you had training when you were younger?
BH: I’ve been in choir my whole life and have done musical theater, that kind of stuff. I’ve been singing classical for 20 years, and in university I joined the UVic Chamber Singers which is an award winning choir, and I learned a lot from the conductor and the students there even though I wasn’t a music student. I was in the history department so in the choir surrounded by music majors I learned how to control and take care of my voice. We toured every year and learned about life on the road as well.

HBI: Is that the place where you felt that this is what you wanted to do as a career?
BH: Yeah for sure. There are times… school can be really stressful and sometimes you think ‘I don’t want to go to choir, I just want to sit in bed and feel sorry for myself’ and you get there and you sing and everything goes away. Music just makes life better, I don’t think I could ever live life where I’m not singing something so when I get old and can’t tour anymore I’ll probably join a choir.

HBI: Any plans to tour India?
BH: That would be awesome, absolutely, we will go anywhere. If someone wants to book us, we’ll go!

HBI: Where can we find you online?
BH: Facebook is probably the best, that’s where we answer all of our messages and comments. If you want to purchase merch from us we have a Big Cartel store . I package and ship those myself so if you want a signature or cat hair. YouTube, we have tour videos and on Bands In Town we announce our tour dates.

HBI: Cheers, thank you very much!