Marcella Di Troia and Pierre Lateur (Black Mirrors)

  • Interview by: Stefan Marcus
  • Date: March 26, 2017

Stefan recently conducted an interview with up-and-coming rockers Black Mirrors, fresh off their new EP, Funky Queen. They have recently wrapped up a European Tour supporting Horisont. Check the talk with Marcella Di Troia (vocals) and Pierre Lateur (guitar) below!

HBI: What can new listeners expect from the Funky Queen EP?

PL: Some heavy rock’n roll with fuzzy guitars, female voice! We play a mix of blues/rock with elements of stoner and psychedelic music.

HBI: What are you most looking forward to on this tour? What do you want to get out of it?

MDT: To meet people after show, to share our music to a bigger audience. The atmosphere on this tour is really great! The other bands are so gifted and tight as musicians. And they’re nice guys too which is cool because we’ll play with them every nights for sixteen days in a row.

HBI: How did the deal with Napalm come together?

MDT: First time we met them was 2 years ago. We played in the « Out and Loud » festival in Germany. Napalm Records was there as it was the label night. We stayed in touch and send a demo in June 2016. They liked the songs and offered us a deal!

HBI: At what point did you decide to follow your passion for music? What sacrifices did you end up making along the way?

PL: Ten years ago, I was at the university. The night before an exam, I was playing guitar for hours and hours and not studying. This night, I really understood that music has to be my life and the most important thing for me. I stopped going to university and I went in a music school to learn the guitar.

You have to be ready to sacrifice a lot of time and to earn little amounts of money. But creating music with this band, recording, playing guitar and sharing our music with the people is such a great experience… you forget all the shitty stuffs.

HBI: What defines success to you personally as a musician?

PL: A successful musician is someone with his own voice, own sound… It’s not about playing in a huge or well-known band, it’s more about feeling and touching people with the music.

HBI: Do you have any pre show rituals?

MDT: Nothing really special. We warm up a little bit, make up, drink some beers, speaking with people or the other bands… We just take two minutes together to concentrate and give us strength.

HBI: What is the worst advice you hear in the music scene?

PL: « You’re not ready  yet !» and it was said by myself, I mean my inner voice. You can spend your all life thinking that but even if it’s true you have to make it. You have to go on stage and to do the job.

HBI: Any thoughts about touring India in the future?

MDT: Why not ? For sure, it could be a great experience! Couple of years ago I’ve been travelling in India for 6 months, I just saw Indian classical music concerts as I was studying Indian classical music. It would be great to see the rock n’ roll scene! But for now, nothing is planned.

HBI: Where can we find you online?

You can find us on Facebook by following this address: https://www.facebook.com/blackmirrorsmusic

Instagram : Blackmirrorsmusic

HBI: Any request for the audience or parting words? 

Come to see us at show and let’s do some rock’n roll!



Thank you!